Mage Tower: A Compromise

How about we leave the Tower as is for the remainder of this week.

Then Tuesdays reset nerf the hell out of it so us humans can beat it.

Those that beat it during the first week have their achievements turned into “Feats of Strength”. Maybe even throw in a kick butt title for them too.



How about no.

Why should players lose the remaining 4 days this will be up this week(without nerf) just so someone can say they got it after they spent 10000s of gold buying old gems/enchants and farming old raids for tier sets.


Anyone who’s beating some of the towers are only doing it through exploits. GEAR shouldn’t matter, yet old gear from 6+ years ago is BiS somehow.

It should be strictly scaled to where gear shouldn’t matter and only the mechanics. The people who have beaten have stated what they were wearing and none it makes sense if this was good tuning in mind


Well we got to get over the fact that the mage tower wasn’t tuned properly to begin with.

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100% false.

Not everyone that’s better than you is using exploits.


So what are you complaining about? Having that second week in saving thousands and thousands of gold?

Speaking of second week, did they say they would leave it active past Legion Timewalking?

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It’s up for 2 weeks.

Gotcha. Coffee needs to kick in.

And it’s not pure skill. There’s some classes that have to bypass RNG. And bugs.

Guardian Druid is getting false alerts that the boss is casting drain life.


I never said that. I’m a filthy casual. I got KSM weeks after it came out, and i haven’t done a single raid this expansion.

What i am saying is anyone who has completed the bear tower from what I’ve seen online, YouTube, these forums, have used old expansion gear to cheese the damage, old legendaries and other items that scale improperly from old expansion to beat it.

I’m not saying they’re cheating. I’m saying blizzard tuned this wrong. They’re smart for figuring this stuff out.

I did the mage tower back when it was current just an FYI


Good conversation.

Sounds like an excuse.

Funny I haven’t seen anyone else comment on that.

He’s not wrong. The meta is to get SoO heirlooms which have the most gems. Getting ilvl 50 also has skewed secondaries (allegedly) but it doesn’t hurt to farm up gear for gem slots. On top of that, you can farm trinkets. I’ve done so myself and my dps has increased dramatically. I can just imagine what the heirloom cheese is like.

What Blizz should have done is create standard gear and stats and balance it around that. Have it come down to skill 100%


It’s helpful but not required. Try reading next time.

Funny I haven’t seen anyone else comment on that.
^ sounds like an excuse.

But I have read. Here’s the exact quote, from you, responding to OP who said people are cheesing with gear from 6 years ago.

Not 50. Not 20. Not even 1. 100% false.


Why reward abusers and exploiters that use gear/enchants with broken scaling to beat it? They all should be banned instead.


Because the statement is 100% false that you are required to exploit the mt.