Mage Tower: A Compromise

I read his post from that other thread, he’s one of the dudes that claims to push phase 2 “before the second infernal”, which doesn’t seem mathematically possible with Shadowlands gear alone.

There’s definitely something he’s leaving out regarding his claim; an OP trinket, some sort of cheesy-ness, twink items, something… because even most streamers I see go into phase 2 with at least 2 infernals up and sometimes 3.

I had 4 infernals. They aren’t really relevant. The only thing I needed from phase 1 is 3 orbs.

It really doesn’t matter what I or you think of the average player. IMO they are who the TW mage tower should be for.

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I’ll tell you what, You record and stream your attempts and I can point out where you’re missing damage! I can JUST do p2 if you want and analyze each global and I guarantee we can find 5k+ extra damage :slight_smile:

Not trying to brag, but I’m also probably better than most streamers and took this more seriously than them as well.

How is the shadow priest version of the mage tower?
Also what’s it like as an Aff lock?
I have done like 10 pulls so far as a Frost mage and I feel I can get it if I clean up my P2.

This is a BS statement you know it. The bear challenge is way overtuned. I don’t know how many people have to explain to you why that is.

Try harder? Lol… Start steppin.

Let’s see your fel-bear

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Then our squabbling is simply that. It doesn’t matter what we think about it’s tuning. It’s what blizzard intended. And this is what they intended. So it is what it’s supposed to be

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We are currently evaluating the data regarding Mage Tower success rates, and we have identified that some of the challenges for certain specializations are more difficult than intended. We will return once we have more information to provide on what changes we have planned to bring those specializations more in line with the rest.

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Obviously, Blizzard disagrees.

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Yes yes I saw that. But it was originally released as they intended.

I don’t feel like they should have publicly released that information. Now it gives the general public an entitlement complex (even more so).

I can’t do this, so if enough of us refuse to do it and claim it’s too hard we’ll get easier content.


They released what they wanted to release with the difficulty they wanted. I’m not saying that it may be too difficult for the “average” player and needs to be tuned back some.

But this was their original plan. They just had higher expectations for their customers

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^ This was said time and time and time again that it was intended to be a solo challenge mode. The only thing to suggest otherwise was an undertuned PTR, and people who did the mage tower in 7.3 doing literally 3x damage with double hp…

Was it though ? Seeing how it was released 2 days ago and they’ve already said it’s not what they intended just yesterday makes it seem it wasn’t released as they intended.

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You’ve never tested a mythic raid on PTR vs the release one have you? They always test things differently than they release them, and sometimes overtune it. They’ve even said as much.


Precisely. It’s a testing phase. It doesn’t mean that the last day of testing is their final iteration of it.

They may look at the last days worth of testing and think “hey, this needs about a 10% buff across the board” and then it’s released 10% stronger than you remember it being.

This is apparently what happened on the PTR. It was a bit too easy with a bit too high of success rate for a challenge mode. So they stealth buffed it.

Apparently the buff was a bit too much for too many people. They could dial the stealth buff back 25-33% (so a 66-75% buff is still active from PTR). In my humble casual self opion

Would actually hold if they didn’t issue a statement 24 hours later saying “this isn’t what we wanted, we’re looking into it and have already found glaring issues”.

Now, it just feels like you’re trolling people saying that.

Here, let me tap the sign for you :

They buffed Xylem’s Comet Storm damage by 100%. They literally doubled it.

And it’s a big part of why the encounter is nigh impossible without cheese or very sharp reflexes.

Please stop justifying bone headed moves like that. My job would fire me if I deployed something like that to production and caused massive customer backlash in response.


Bear is for sure.

Yes, I’ve seen the post. No it wasn’t released harder than intended, or it wouldn’t have been released.

They have to look at what “makes it harder than intended”. They know exactly what they did to make it harder from the PTR. This is just their way of saying “we had higher expectations for people who wanted a challenge. But we’ll make it easier because you can’t live up to those expectations”

Incoming Hello Kitty level of difficulty

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For you, yes. I’m hoping they leave it alone. I’ve gotten pretty close a couple of times and I’d like to complete it at its current difficulty

Uh… What ?

Look, I’ll just tap the sign again :

Note the words, and I quote here : “more difficult than intended.”.