Mac Support Update -- November 16

With this week’s patch 9.0.2, we’re adding native Apple Silicon support to World of Warcraft. This means that the WoW 9.0.2 client will run natively on ARM64 architecture, rather than under emulation via Rosetta.

We’re pleased to have native day one support for Apple Silicon.

While our testing has been successful, we’re highly aware of the nature of day one support with updates like this. Please let us know if you run into any issues that may be related to Apple Silicon in our Mac Technical Support forum.

Thank you very much.


With the exception of OW, thanks for supporting Macs for such a long time. :green_apple:


Seconded! The World of Warcraft Mac team really is excellent. Adopting new API’s really quickly and not sitting on their hands keeping the Mac client on life support. Huge shoutout and kudos to all the hard work they put into the Mac client! It really is appreciated.


Very nice. The first round of ARM Macs may be entry level, but with the M1 iGPU benching to be on par with an RX 560 or GTX 1050 (better than any Intel iGPU) alongside 17-20h battery life the MacBook Air/13" MBP should make a nice little ultraportable low-mid settings WoW machine. Very interested to see more detailed numbers over the next week.


Does this change apply to WoW Classic as well?


Probably not since the Classic client is based on the Legion client, and so the changes made to get modern WoW running on ARM can’t be copied straight to the Classic client. It’ll come but likely take a little longer.

Classic isn’t particularly demanding though so it may run just fine under Rosetta 2.


Wow this is so unexpected. I’m really needing to switch to a mac computer for work and was going to cancel subscription if it didn’t have this support going forward. Really good news that i’ll be able to keep playing! Cheers Blizz.


I wish to thanks Blizzard for being fairly faithful to Mac users for so long. Especially with World of Warcraft. On the other hand I’m curious about native M1 ports for the other Blizzard games, and I’m also very curious if there’s any chance that some Blizzard games might also be runnable on Apple’s mobile devices in the future, such as iPadOS with a keyboard and mouse. Or are there some API shortcomings in iPadOS that would preclude WoW from running on it?


I can’t wait to see where they go with the next few levels, it’s pretty amazing what even these first machines can do. Especially considering they represent the lowest level of all of the Mac models.

And kudos to the Mac team for being there from the beginning!


Thank-you for continuing to support Macs as a first-class system for WoW!

Not having the time or budget to manage a separate computer or OS just for gaming, I wouldn’t be a WoW player without Mac support. Thanks, again!

P.S., any word on Diablo 4 Mac support :wink:


Really hope that WoW players who bought an M1 Mac could share the real performance as soon as possible! :kissing_cat:


My toon Voronwelad is stuck in a map going from strangle thorn to Orgrimmar its part of a quest. It wont let me out of the screen. furthermore your (expletive deleted) “customer support” is like being stuck on the (expletive deleted) blimp. It doesn’t land anywhere except a grave yard of typed messages that nobody ever reads. Can’t file a (expletive deleted) ticket either. I want my money back if I dont hear from someone by Wednessday will be getting on the phone to the bank.

That’s terrific; thank you and the teams involved, Kaivax. :slight_smile:

I’m holding off until the pro devices start appearing as the recent Apple Silicon machines are all entry-level. I use this machine for media editing and want the ability to install more RAM and hopefully connect an eGPU.

That said, Blizzard’s early adoption of this replacement platform helps me feel confident in WoW’s long-term future on these devices.


This is big. WoW is the first major game to offer full support for Apple Silicon. Hopefully this makes other companies follow through


I didn’t expect it this soon. Truly amazing development.

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Thank you, hopefully the Classic client at some point as well?

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Likely been working on an Arm version for a while with Apples help, its great to see the M1 get full support from Blizzard.

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i dont use macs but since everyone else is happy… i figured id come in and be happy with them!!

Thank You :smiley:


Omg you all are the best! I have been playing wow on my Mac for 2 years and I was really worried about what the ARM change over would mean for wow. Thank you so much for your continued support of Mac!!