Newly Announced M1 CPU

I’m not sure, but the UPS tracking that I have shows my new M1 Mini was in Alaska 8.5 hours ago and is now in a truck in my city trying to get to me on the east coast of North America. That’s 7 days before it was scheduled to arrive. I’ve never seen a package move that fast.

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Alright, you are our designated tester. We are waiting for your review!

Here is someone playing wow on a high setting! Wish they went more into the details. But had to share 2min 30 second in.


This has to be Rosetta 2 though, after todays maintenance we should see Apple silicon support.

From what I’m able to tell, he’s saying that he’s playing at High settings and the frame rate of his gameplay looks to be at or near 60 frames per second. This was most definitely played during the past week, so I’m really happy to see that kind of performance even when using the Rosetta 2 translation layer.

In every other benchmark and review, the app gaining native ARM support was a huge boon to its performance. I’m really curious to see what that does for WoW here.

Seems we just got our answer! Mac Support Update -- November 16

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Now all we need is someone doing more than just the starter area quests.

Dungeons, raids, hell anything with a serious load behind it.

Unfortunately I don’t know any WoW streamers that even use Macs… they’d really run it through the trenches.

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I asked the YouTuber in question on his Discord channel and he said he’s going to revisit this in another video. I also let him know about 9.0.2 adding ARM support. I think we should be seeing a performance difference between the original video using Rosetta 2 translation and the new native client.


Quote from reddit with latest patch:

I just tested this on my Mini-M1 and honestly the FPS was surprisingly really good, ultrawide 3440x1440 (just what mine hooked up to), preset 5, in Orgimmar getting 45-50 FPS. 1080p getting around 65-70ish.



Did you happen to crank the setting up further to test? i’m curious to see where the actual cliff is in terms of FPS.

Sorry, it’s not me. Just forwarding the message here.

That frame rate in Ogimmar is kinda disappointing, especially on 5

Mind pointing us toward the actual reddit thread?

I actually posted it lol:

Another M1 review. I’m about to hit the ”buy” button.

Thanks! Sorry…been one of those days.

For comparison I set my game to graphics setting 5 and logged into Orgrimmar with tons of people online. Getting roughly 100FPS on my Mac mini with external GPU (RX5700) at 2560x1440 resolution.

I meant, I am the author who posted it haha, you good. Didn’t expect the apple reddit be so excited about it. More upvotes than actual M1 reviews.

Have a couple of questions:

  1. What happens if you switch to Windowed (vs Windowed: Fullscreen)?
  2. Try turn off VSync?