Native support for Apple Silicon M1 Chip?

I’m hoping to get a blue response, but either way, have there been any rumors or evidence about WoW possible running on Apple Silicon’s new M1 chip, particularly natively? My machines are getting pretty old, and was hoping to upgrade to one of these, but I’d like my favorite game to still be able to work on them.

Considering how complex the game is, I worry it might not work nicely with the Rosetta 2 translation from Intel, but if anybody tried wow on the Dev Kit that would be awesome to know.

So yeah, is there any news about whether this will run natively on the new Macs, or at least decently when translated?

It’ll probably function but I wouldn’t expect true native support. Blizz’s system requirements for Macs only lists Intel CPUs.

I did find a discussion on the Mac Tech Support forum if you want to dig some more into it.

Apple has tested, but looks like it is running under emulation, not native for the M1.

You beat me to it! Rats! Moreover, he said for some apps (that included WoW) the x86 version runs faster under Rosetta than on Intel chips.

There is a blue response about it that was JUST posted an hour prior to me checking back up on my thread here (This is Shaqq’s main).

So Apple tested it via rosetta, but the patch for tomorrow should have Native support. Sweet!