Mac Support Update -- November 16

Thanks Blizzard Mac Team!

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When do we think benchmarks will be posted? XD

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Wow WoW Mac Dev Team! You folks deserve a huge bonus for being first out of the gate with this upgrade.

I just started playing a little over two weeks ago and was looking to upgrade my iMac. With this awesome news you may have just saved me over $2000! My happiness at that cannot be understated.

Thank you Blizzard and the Mac Dev Team from the bottom of my heart.


This is amazing, thanks WoW Mac team, keep it up.

iPad when? :slight_smile:

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One of the main reasons I’m playing WoW and not SWTOR, jokes aside it’s nice for the continued support.


This is great news. This other game I play said they wouldn’t be supporting it because its just so hard. Yeah, I’ve seen they find lots of things hard in making games. Glad Blizzard actually wants to keep their players. Must be Rosetta 2

Okay so I’m curious to know two things. First, during the most recent keynote, Apple had developers come out and said it took less than a day to make the change for their programs to run on ARM macs. Was it really that easy for WoW to make the change over? Second, does this transition provide a better starting point to say release WoW on mobile devices like the iPad Pro?

Thanks so much for your continued support on the Mac client.

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Hell yeah! You guys rock. Square Enix on the other hand has the balls to charge people full price for a game client translated in Wine - not even properly built.

I’m so stoked <3

Hell yeah! You guys rock. Square Enix on the other hand has the balls to charge people full price for a game client translated in Wine - not even properly built.

I’m so stoked <3

Also, I don’t normally post on the forum…kinda weird it chose an alt for my comment o.0

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If it runs on MacOS with M1 chip, it also runs on iPadOS. We want an iPad app. :nerd_face:

Edit: I am thinking about a storage problem, is it possible to have an application as big as WoW on an iPad ?

Hmm maybe I will buy a MAC.
Those M1 chips are super fast.

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Thank you so much for supporting Macs! :heart:

Most likely as the new client just got released and servers are down :smiley:

Will this great news be replicated across the rest of the Blizzard family of game clients ?

Can someone translate what this means?
Better engine that will allow faster gameplay? Or just fewer bugs/crashes?

Color me surprised. I actually am quite surprised. Especially after Zenimax outright said no, we’re not supporting it for Elder Scrolls Online.

Good job.

And this will cost us a raid tier.

It’s not a new WoW engine, it’s just a game client built to run on the new M1 chips. Remember ages ago when Macs switched from PowerPC processors to Intel? This is the same deal, except now we’re switching from Intel to Apple Silicon. The M1 Macs could run the Intel client in Rosetta 2 emulation, but it’s better/faster for them to have a native client.

Now if you’re wondering what the M1 means for us Mac users, it means greatly improved performance with reduced power consumption. I currently play on a 2018 i7 Mac Mini with an eGPU (a Radeon RX 560). It’s decent; I get 40-60 FPS in most places in the game with my settings between 8 and 9. But if I unplug that eGPU, I’m looking at maybe 30 FPS with my settings somewhere in the vicinity of 3.

Now, with the M1, I should be able to expect similar or better performance to the Mini with the eGPU from a 3-pound MacBook Pro with 17-20 hours of battery life and no eGPU.

Of course, the proof is in the conjured mana pudding, so I (and I expect many others) will be reporting back in a couple of weeks.