M+ Tormented Hero Title Score Updated Daily

In this post, we’ll update the score required to earn the Tormented Hero title for Shadowlands Season 2. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 2 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% for your faction in each region.

Updated March 29

In this region, if Season 2 ended today, the title would go to those who scored at least:

  • 2768 (Alliance)
  • 2847 (Horde)

Good luck!


Good luck! Keep trying NA frost dks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This post will be very helpful for those who are on the edge. Great idea to do this.


It would just be more helpful to just post this website since it’s updated every 3 hours.


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But that isn’t the official cutoff. PVP has had a cutoff for a long time for ratings and many sites track it, but the only official ones are the blizzard cutoffs. Blizzard isn’t going to use a 3rd party system because that system does not know if some has been banned or not along with other things that affect the rating #s.

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Congrats to all 7 of you getting this title.


I know right? :joy:

If they’re going to be investing time/dev resources putting together shiny, brand-new achievements for top achievers, why not go all the way and give “everyone else” similar achievements?

  • new achievement for 500+ mounts
  • new achievement for 1500+ battle pets
  • new achievement for toy collecting
  • new achievement for honor level 1000
  • new achievement for 1,000,000 HKs
  • etc etc

Why does “only” M+ get unique/prestigious achievements from the devs? Not only gets a brand-new achievement, but a blue post dedicated to it (this one), hmmmmm :thinking:


Not to take away from the other gameplay genres in wow, but M+ is severely lacking in long term rewards. KSM mount & title and a title that leaves everyone between 2000 rating and 2700 rating in no mans land.

It could still use better rewards for 20s. Why does pvp get its own tier set recolors but not mythic plus? Why design awful dungeon transmog when you can just recolor tier sets where the loot = normal recolor and then rating for the mythic recolor?

Why can’t we scale valor to upgrade loot to mythic Ilvl if we’re timing 20s?

Dungeon portals are really just okay, but should reset when you start a dungeon, not when you finish it. You bust a key and decide to go do another and you’re back to flying there.

Outside of loot and KSM there just isn’t much when it’s one of the 3 major pillars of the endgame and the only thing that’s still remotely fresh week after week 10 months into a patch.

I do agree though, those other areas could use updated achievements at the very least.


I get that, I get that…

I was just pointing out that those other genres/categories of players I mentioned haven’t gotten new or updated achievements in literally YEARS… and yes, it is somewhat frustrating thinking about it :man_facepalming:

So when we see something like M+ getting “the red carpet” from the devs over all other genres of players with fresh/brand-new M+ achievements, custom teleports for +20’s, literal blue posts dedicated to them (…like this one), etc it does feel like Blizzard/devs are leaving a lot of casual players out in the cold with no new achievements of their own :frowning:

If any dev is reading this, please update the “casual” achievements mentioned so it’s not just high-achieving M+'ers getting new goals/achievements to work towards

Interesting questlines like whirlwind axe or the green fire for warlocks would be awesome.

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Yea great. Do them all then.
They have had gladiator and ce and famed slayer for ages. Let’s get more for top achievers in every bracket then for people that have totally mastered their chosen gameplay.

Works for me

That would imply we ever got invited in the slim chance of pugging relatively high keys :crazy_face:

Sucks my group called it quits back in November, had plenty of time to get close. I’ve just come grips with the fact FDK is trash unless every pull is catered to breath.


It just feels like kind of a scam, because I enjoy frost dk personally but I know people aren’t getting to do much with it because you have to get people to play with first. In NA, 0 frost dks but at least 100 frost mages, feels kind of dirty. One frost took all the goods from the other #ThatsJustCold

Took me an hour to see this pun but LOL

Lack of balance and fotm stigma is too strong. FDK current specs (plural, kind of a joke) just don’t perform well vs pedal to the metal melees, doesn’t help that we do noodle damage unless breath is up.

Need a lot of talent/skill overhauls to fix any of that.

And like many have said, this award should be given on a class/spec basis.


Seems to me that perhaps some are intentionally pushing that number up so only a handful of people are going to get it. I could be wrong, but it sure seems that the way. This set up is flawed. Rewards are being gated behind the 1% that make a living playing video games making this title unobtainable by most players.

What’s your reasoning behind this?

Since the title was announced awhile back, the cut off has gone up what ~130 points for either faction?

Seems more like the final push for those who want to make sure they make the cutoff. The only possible way to gatekeep would be making dozens of alts, spending hours-weeks gearing per character, and running lots of keys; doesn’t seem feasible.


Their data showed that people who spam high keys for rating were leaving. This was to keep them playing. Period.

Only a handful will get it. Individual players can have no effect on the number that will get it.

Any plans on fixing the arena 3v3 ladder which hasn’t updated in a week?

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Most of the people who will get this title have jobs and relationships, they just happen to also be good at the game. You don’t need to no life the game for this title.

The number is based on the top 0.1% of people in mythic+. As their rating increases so will the cutoff to keep the amount of people above it stable at 0.1%.