Ladder isnt updating?

No q up and tell me when you q then q up.

lol still hasn’t updated

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eu is still updating

Sometimes it does, never taking more than a day to update though. Usually just twice a day updates maybe instead of every few hours, not 4 days.

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sauls seriously idek who’s better you or hots toilet bro I’m struggling to process this battle Rn

6 days later still hasnt updated lol, season ends tmrw, hope no one wanted to know what title cut-offs would be

wacky spontaneous blizz :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Yea we’ve kept the 3v3 ladder and cutoff updated the last 8 months every day, but now when people need the cutoff most we’re just going to not update it, but ofc we’ll still update EU. Serious note blizz if it’s not updated even before Monday’s reset when people have a last chance to get a one time title, that is so scum to treat the people who actually are trying to play the game still.

Blizz probably stopped updating the ladder to hide how few people play over here than EU can’t be any worse that 1/3 r1 are alts.

Update the ladder so we can see all the win traders

At this point its sad how they don’t have api like m+ to track seasons history of matches (with gear/talent/etc info).

Really rich from coming from a child predator


Really rich from coming from a child predator

Kekw what’s up with druid players man…cough D cough

ur mudhut finally get wifi again ?

Yeah… how is it acceptable that we can’t see Sollaria’s win trade ratio?! :joy:


huh? fact or cap?

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Prediction: Blizz gives R1 to everyone above the last updated cutoff since they broke the ladder. Last season it was botching the end time, this season it’s the ladder.

It’s because you’ve been a very naughty boy Saul and been keeping remi from me

blizzard enjoys the mental turmoil players have to deal with after not updating it.

It’s funny because they made a blue post about how the mythic+ ladder would get updated daily

ayyy it updatedd