M+ Tormented Hero Title Score Updated Daily

Hard disagree on this. There is someone on Emeralddream that I saw the other day with a 2888 score and he had over 300 runs +20 or higher with the best being a +28.

I have a 2188 score on my main and I did like 30 runs of +15 or higher and my best run is an 18.

Having said that, this title is supposed to be for almost no one. By definition only 0.1% of people will get it, no matter the scale, so yea, it’s for the best players with the most time.

Well us people sitting at 0.5 instead of 0.1 be salty as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for this post

I have multiple guildies with less than a 100 timed 20s who have 3k io. 1 example of someone who does a lot of dungeons and is also getting the new title doesn’t mean you have to play that much. With how mythic plus pushing really works, push weeks come around every 2 months or so, and all the upgrades are achieved during those weeks. Its about playing well and playing smart.

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Will you update the final score required to get the title since season has officially ended? I’m 1-2 pts from the current estimated cutoff and just want to get some closure on it.

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They haven’t posted a final cutoff score because they are still in the process of vetting everyone that could potentially qualify. This vetting process could result in suspensions or disqualifications which would affect the final cutoff score.

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Will the Tormented Hero title be account wide, or character specific?

If it is account wide, could you guys please consider making Mistwalker acct. wide as well?

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It makes sense that they will take some time to vet the qualified players.

But the finals runs should have been counted up to the morning of Feb 22nd (7am). The most recent updated score was a day before that. So just figure out what the last cutoff value is useful for some of us.

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So it turns out no NA frost dks got it, two unholy dks though! So that’s fun! And ofc 136 ww monks and 165 frost mages

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You might be the only one, I looked at https://raider.io/guilds/us/emerald-dream/Nascent/mythic-plus-characters/season-sl-2 and it seems you’re the fifth best in the whole guild, the other four have at least 100 timed 25+, by definition more timed 20+. Still good work, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to practice & I think it’s awesome that you know the best arcane mage in the world! I wish y’all were gnomes! :heart_eyes_cat:


I guess they have done more keys in the last 2 months. I remember the numbers from December when they got it.

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Any update on the the title? It’s been silent ever since season ended. Just trying to see what the final cutoff scores were and when would the title would be sent out.


Titles have just been awarded!

Tormented Heroes should gain their title upon login.


Got mine! Thank you.


Just curious, what was the final cutoff for US Horde?


More like 4

Thank you for doing this for those that earned it. In a way I think it keeps people grounded in what the ceiling is and not run wild with number inflation to overcompensate/excessively overrun content. Maybe add peoples percentiles next to old score but I can see how that would lead to obvious toxicity.

Any info on what the cutoff was and spec breakdown for the the toons that achieved this?