M+ Shrouded Hero Title -- Updated November 16

The devil is in the details.

  • Would that mean that if you ever had the buff, even if you didnt do any m+, you get disqualified?
  • Would that mean that if you ever had it on any m+, even if it was on a +2 or a +5, will you get disqualified?
  • Would that mean that if 1 person on your group had it, on any time, would you get disqualified?
  • Would that mean if everybody in your group but you had it, would you get disqualified?
  • Would that mean that you could only get disqualified if by having the buff, you gained score?
  • What if you had 3.3k score for example and then you just did a m+, then got 1 point with the buff, would you get disqualified?
  • What if you had 3.3k score for example and then you just did a m+, then you didnt got any points, would you get disqualified?


Do you plan on altering any other vanity rewards from people abusing a bug to obtain the reward easier?

Love being punished for Blizz lack of communication. Without knowledge whether this buff is banable, meant not using it those that were using it had an advantage. With cutoffs being so tight, how could blizzard justify punishing players being subject to poor-communication and a bug presented by the organisation. I submitted a bug report that wasn’t addressed until a week later. While fixing the bug, a simple announcement would have sufficed to make sure no one feels pressured into using a buff that no one knew what the consequences would be.


It was a 5% stat buff, everyone who did this knew it was a huge advantage, yes the seasonal affix gave you a specific targeted buff. but this buffed all stats.

Blizzard is 100% in the right disqualifying people who did this.


Cheaters knew what they were doing. 5% stats on every one is like 2 free key levels.


If Blizz made an announcement that those that used it would be disqualified, and then peeps still used it, then yes the disqualification is fair and justified. But without any information, and the peeps pushing for cutoff know other people are using it, even if they don’t want to use it they are pressured into using it because they don’t know if Blizz will catch on and punish those that used it.

If someone drove 80Km/hr in a 60km/hr zone, without any notification or signage or houses, you can’t punish that person because the proper information wasn’t provided to the person. After the regulators put up proper information, then they can enforce punishment for breaking those rules. How is it the drivers fault without knowing what the rules are.


I think the problem is how easy it was to share and be oblivious to the exploit being present especially in pugs (you know when memers share old AQ quests and such? First time someone shared it with me I thought it was a joke until half way through the key they said it was giving MotW). I know of many people that did a key with it unknowingly so I wouldn’t say its entirely fair for those people that didn’t exploit it on purpose to be punished while some people did every one of their scored keys in the last 2 weeks with the buff. We’ll just have to wait and see how blizz handles the “devil in the details” like the guy above described. Theres a lot of grey area since bug abuse like urn stacks, or breaking bosses has been prevalent for multiple seasons now and theres never really been a president set before (even Echo bug abused to win MDI so where is that line drawn?)


Were the titles actually distributed today? No one on my team has received theirs - we’re all well above cutoff and absolutely did not touch anything that is DQ-able. Got us stressing over here that we’ve been inadvertently flagged somehow.

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Lol people are so cute. You didn’t happen to stumble upon a 5% stat buff through normal gameplay and innocently or unintentionally used it. You’re a filthy rotten cheater and got off easy…like always.

Kudos to those who deservedly earned the titles.

Where title

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Any word on if these went out today or not? I’m above the cutoff and didn’t recieve mine and I definitely didn’t use the DQ-able bug they mentioned.

Where title bilzord?.. give now

All cheaters should have their b net and motherboard addresses banned

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A cop is still gunna ding you for going 20 over even if there’s no speed limits explictly listed. The onus on you is to actually read your book that you get as a Learner and realize that in built up areas the speed limit isn’t 80KMH even if there’s not a sign saying that it’s a 60KMH zone.

Pretty good analogy for people who abuse obvious exploits and then complain when they’re punished for doing so though.

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No they bloody won’t. they put a random speed limit on a road, and expect everyone to know without informing anyone?

Has the title been given out yet?

Not yet that I’ve seen

Don’t think so. Can’t believe they’d come out and say “oh yeah title’s coming out today, but some of you are DQd FYI!” And then they don’t reward it on that day to anyone, making everyone who got it legitimately freak out for no reason.

I am freaking out, send halp

How about instead of a title we give you the Sha of Anger mount? Fair trade.

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