M+ Shrouded Hero Title -- Updated November 16

Updated November 23

We’ve identified an unexpected issue that caused the awarding of the title to fail for some players who should have received it. We’re working to fix that issue, and once fixed, we’ll distribute the title to all remaining recipients.

November 16
The Mythic+ Shrouded Hero title will be going out to players today.

In this region, we had to disqualify some players who abused a buff from sharing a legacy quest to achieve their top scores.

The cutoff score of 3087 did not change following disqualifications.

Congratulations to all Shrouded Heroes!

In this post, we’ll update the score required to earn the Shrouded Hero title for Shadowlands Season 4. As a reminder, the title will go to all players who end Shadowlands Mythic+ Season 4 with a Mythic+ Rating in the top 0.1% in each region.

Updated October 26

In this region, the title will go to those who scored at least:


Good luck!


Do you get to post and chat any more?

Um, oops.

Is there any update on if ratings will be reset once the season ends? KSM was announced to still be in the game until Dragonflight launch but there has been no mention of ratings being reset for a post-season.

I ask this because I’m trying to help friends get their KSM elemental mount and for them to learn some M+ to possibly get into PvE before but am unsure if this weeks rating would be pointless if everything resets next week.

Any plans to do anything about the stat buff abuse? Perhaps disable the quest buff/remove the PvP food buff at the start of a key at the very least? Maybe some title disqualifications/bans at the beginning of Dragonflight for over abuse? That would be pretty weird to let it keep happening, and inflate the title cutoff because people were abusing external buffs not intended to be used in keys.


Well, guess my video card would qualify.


Even that won’t qualify soon.

Absolutely need to do something about the stat abuse that’s occurring.

Aside from an abuse, it can’t even be claimed “everyone can do it” because if you’d already done the quest, you can’t “abuse it now” like everyone else.


Is there some exploit I’m missing? Ah, the stinkers. Classic!

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It’s absolutely silly if people are allowed to use this bug to squeak through the title cutoff.

It is not a bug that all players can replicate, because if you ever did the Zen’kiki quest in Western Plaguelands you can no longer benefit from the Mark of the Wild buff that comes with gaining that quest. It is also super obvious to see who is intentionally abusing this bug because if the quest is shared to you anywhere in the game, you get the buff. You don’t need to be anywhere near the NPC quest giver.

5% main stat and stamina is huge. It means that any keystone that you would have otherwise depleted by 1-2 minutes is now timed instead. It means that certain one-shots no longer one shot you.

People are banned for abusing such bugs in PvP during earlier parts of a season. This bug has gained prominence in the past two weeks which happen to be the final weeks of the season. The spiteful+necrotic week has somehow magically turned into a super push week just because of this buff.

This bug provides an incredibly unfair advantage and abusers of this bug should not be rewarded with a rank 1 title.


It would be nice to get some blue post clarification about the stat bug abuse happening during the last week of the season. If nothing is going to happen, then I need to do some keys with it to secure the title.

The buff is listed under uncategorized buffs Mark of the Wild on logs, but it’s been described in detail on this thread already. It effectively lets your group do +1 key level.


this genre of post is 20 seasons overdue for arena seasons. what a joke

There’s a whole bunch of people espacially over last 2 weeks who are using a bug / exploit which basically makes up for 2 key levels for free. I won’t say what the exploit is as I think it’s against forum tos.

But hopefully these people get disqualified from the r1 title and should be banned as well.


Bruh arena has cutoff updated on the website daily. What are you even talking about.


PvPers get 2 mounts every season and a cooler mount than ksm mount and also better title reward structure

And you get your updated cutoff daily on the main website.


Unlikely since World Buffs became mainstay on Classic.

The deeper issue here is that communities are spun up around how to cheat quicker than people are honestly reporting these issues to Blizzard to have them fixed. Thankfully, this isn’t a major security issue.

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People exploit abusing Zenkiki should have their titles removed. Having a group wide perma 5% stats buff from sharing a quest is clearly unintended to be used in keys and the wide spread abuse inflated the score by allowing people to do 1-2 key levels higher than what they should be able to.


Agreed. Not only should their titles be removed but they should also have their Motherboard and CPU IP addresses banned and also their circuit breaker address banned