Rank 1 cut off

yall seein this? why dont we get one of these?


because pvp is an afterthought to blizzard

have you seen any posts on their official pages hyping up the new solo shuffle rated mode?


Let’s not forget when they re-did the M+ S4 mount. I guess you could kind of say they did that with arena s3 mount, but that was just a swap and the S4 was a new recolor.

They have done this before for PvP actually. Not sure why they didn’t include it with the M+ updates this time around.

cuz you can go here and see the seasonal cuttoff whenever you want

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troll post. that’s obviously fake, the top 10 players on the ladder are 60% druids

It was still ugly lol

That’s the nice thing about splitting my playtime between M+ and PVP. At least one of my forms of content gets some interest. Lol

Arena is a minigame with about as much thought / effort as pet battles. I don’t have much expectations.