Lowering Great Vault Participation Requirements

That’s 4 bosses too many.

How about we also change M+ so you have to do 4 randomly selected M+ dungeons before you can use a key of your choice?

Wait, what does that fix?

It doesn’t fix anything. What does having raid teams have to kill 4 bosses they have zero interest in before they can get to what they want to do fix?

Raiding needs an overhaul. It needs better skips, more drops, fewer spreadsheet bosses, less trash, etc.


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You’re being snarky but you already get random keys while pushing lol.

5 is the max (only jailer), average is 3, assuming skip lets you go from after 1st boss to right before anduin, and there’s no backtracking directly to end of wing. I don’t think that’s as big of an issue as you make it out to be.

If the painsmith weapon were on guardian, you probably wouldn’t be complaining about the SoD system.

I wouldn’t be complaining about the SoD system if we could just go backwards through the damn skip portal to get to Painsmith.

Why couldn’t we?

I mean, you would think that if you skipped to just past Painsmith (which is what it did), you could just turn around and DO Painsmith.

But nope!

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Oh, I didn’t realize you were being sarcastic.

Yeah, the fights do drag on too long sometimes. Although, I still want them to have a little bit of length, I think its part of the reason I enjoy raiding. Maybe 6 or 7 minutes instead.

The choice of fighting whatever bosses the group wants would be nice, although I think you might introduce a new problem of the raid arguing about which boss they want to do.

Agreed…dump it


Dunno why LFR gives vault but unrated bgs don’t
They’re both queued random content

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Because LFR gear is low ilvl, unrated bgs have no gear value.

But lfr vault can give tier, unrated bg can’t get tier from vault

No reason why unrated vaults can’t give 7/7 upgraded honor piece (216 ilvl (233 in pvp)) or something :woman_shrugging:

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unrated bgs take no effort tbh. It’d be too easy. LFR, you need effort to actually clear bosses.

Spreadsheet bosses seem to be the player solution to excessively tightly tuned bosses. Not something in and of itself. You can spreadsheet plan every cooldown for every boss to make it perfect, but it would just be stupid to do that. Maybe they should flat nerf the difficulty of mythic raids, especially eke bosses, in general?

But yes to the rest, as long as there isn’t so little trash it doesn’t even feel like an enemy fortress.

Sounds great, now how about we look into why one the three primary gearing methods still doesn’t have an upgrade system…

Lfr doesn’t take more effort than random bgs, just queue as a dps and stay dead the entire fight

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That’s not going to happen, they rely on the Race to World First being entertaining.

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I think one thing that prompted them to do this was the fact that raid week 1 will only let us kill 8 raid bosses.

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We haven’t seen this level of stupid raid gatekeeping since ICC in Wrath.

I guess good thing it’s only 1 week instead of 2 months.

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To be honest it seems players demand it too.

Emerald Nightmare was easier, and seemed to get blasted as awful because of it by people who would never even step into that raid anyway.

It’s weird.

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People like to watch, I guess. I don’t really understand it. The only thing I do when the World First comes around is check who won and weak later and go “Interesting, Echo won this time.” I don’t even watch the actual event, lol.

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