Lowering Great Vault Participation Requirements

Doesn’t this technically make gearing through Mythic+ even easier than before, especially if you are doing Mythic progression in the raid?


Great Vault is definitely an improvement over BfA’s system, for mythic+.

The problem is that Great Vault is designed for Mythic+. But then they took it and shoved it on raiding, and it just doesn’t work for raiding. Especially during progression.

While progressing your M+ keys higher and higher, you’re completing runs and racking up boxes in the Great Vault.

Conversely, while doing raid progression, you aren’t killing bosses at all. Many guilds were on Sylvanas, or Denathrius, or Stone Legion Generals, for weeks. MANY weeks. During which they get NOTHING from Great Vault because you need to spend all your time working on the boss. Especially for a 15-minute monstrosity fight like Mythic Sylvanas. Nobody has time for farm while doing that.

By all means, keep the Great Vault for m+. But raiding not only needs its higher drop rates and bonus rolls back, but should see a significant increase in drops considering the massive time investment it requires to do raid progression compared to other methods of gearing. And for god’s sake take raiding off the great vault; it just doesn’t work. Square peg, round hole.


nah, i’d rather it go back to the extra token rolls for specific bosses where you have a better shot at getting something you need instead of a 10th pair of the same boots.


Lol they made a small adjustment to see if they could reduce the huge drop off in participation at these breakpoints


I don’t think they need to go back to that system, they should work on making the vault more deterministic imo instead. The vault isn’t bad as a participation reward, but it does need refinement.

how so? there’s far more rng when it comes to multiple options. the token rolls are 50/50.

I don’t disagree with you. I’m saying that the idea of the vault is good and that it needs more deterministic chances. I’m not sure how they could go about doing it, but they should allow players to focus on a boss of their choice, or even an armor piece, for at least one of their slots. Or something along the lines of that.

If they allow folks to choose a boss for one slot of the vault, then that is essentially the bonus roll baked into it.

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oh yeah, i’m not saying this version is that bad- matter of fact, it’s a hell of a lot better than bfa’s. as someone who’s been playing for 17yrs, i just feel like i had the best success gearing when i was able to double roll for specific slots.


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I don’t. It’s not content I enjoy doing, but I’m glad it’s making other people happy.

I am happy at the new zone offering higher gear though. I got a 236 ring after 30 minutes!

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Normal and Heroic raiders don’t have this problem. Laid-back 3-5 Mythic raiders don’t have this problem.

It’s only guilds that extend that have this problem. Blizzard should address that problem more-so than anything else.

I agree it’s a problem, I just feel like radical solutions don’t really need to happen when it’s more of a problem that guilds extend like this. Extending is a smart decision for these types of guilds but Blizzard should be looking how to address that somehow.


Apologize that they made the vault more tolerable after months of feedback?

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I think the solution to this isn’t to change the vault itself, it’s to relax mythic raid lockouts now that bonus rolls are gone.



Problem only exists in Mythic, and only Mythic has their jank raid ID lock-out system. Seems like an easy fix for sure, I agree.

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The great vault is essentially the same thing.

Filling out either column essentially give you the bonus roll that you would get from coins, only with a guaranteed drop of your choosing. I often never got drops from when I used coins, or if I did, it wasn’t what I was after.

Should it be a bit easier to specify where you want your drop from ? Sure, but for now its in a good spot I feel.

I will say that instance ID mythic made sense in a world where bonus rolls existed. But we are no longer in that world.

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That’s easy: Give us back real skip systems, more like we used to have in WoD, instead of having to wade through half the raid to get to Painsmith, for example.


Wasn’t HFC you could skip to right after Gorefiend, or skip to Mannoroth? so you still had to clear a bunch of bosses if you wanted Gorefiend loot (in the same spot as painsmith iirc)

Thank you,

Seeing a few hours of content shaved off the vault might help with the problem of people only playing the game for rewards.

Although, the more I play and theorize, the more I think playing the game for rewards is playing the game wrong. I think people need to find what they like to do, no matter what that is, and do that. If the vault gets a few slots filled out from that, cool, but people shouldn’t play FOR the vault.

In that direction lies addiction and ruin.

That’s why I said MORE LIKE WoD’s.

Not the same as WoD’s. But WoD’s were certainly better than now.

Just let us fight the bosses we want after we’ve opened up the way.

I think the fact that this is less of a linear raid will help that. Assuming that the skip quest takes you to anduin, if you only want loot from 1 boss, you’ll have to kill 5 bosses max.