Lore regarding warlock pets

What exactly is the benefit of having an incubus over a Succubus? Lorewise I am aware that Incubus do exist but they were not spoken about, but why would a warlock use an Incubus anyways? The Succubus pretty much fills that role so aside from just a player preference, there is not exactly a lore reason why an Incubus would be used by a warlock right? Warlocks don’t seem like the people who would care about what “gender” their demon slaves/pets are. They use demons as slaves as per a contract and then they toss them out.

It is purely a personal choice. They dont have any canonical difference. For the longest time they spun weird lore about all the incubi being either dead or without arms and legs to explain it away, I guess we can chalk that stuff up to pure rumors.

Though… in the case of the Sayaad… given what they are er… what they do… gender might be sort of important.

Why would a warlock use an Incubus over a Succubus? Seems like right now ingame a Succubus does practically everything an Incubus would do. How’d the gender be important. It’s just a slave pet of warlock.

Well… the Sayaad are desire/sex demons. I dunno what warlocks get up to on your off hours, but I can make educated guesses.

A sexy male demon might be more useful against certain people than a sexy female demon. There’s not a ton of depth to it.


Useful against whom? How exactly would an Incubus be useful to a warlock? Who should the Incubus be used against? In a combat scenario for example. What does the Incubus bring to the table that could be useful to a warlock?


Succubi and incubi are used as torturers, temptresses, seducers and so forth. They’re not killing machines (though they obviously can fight); they’re more… Subtler. And gender can, err, play a very important role for certain types of infiltration, temptation and obviously seduction.


Interesting, I don’t know anything about warlocks to be honest, but how would an Incubus be useful if for example I had it as a pet slave, who can I use it against for example?

I don’t think the forums are the appropriate place to explain why a male demon might be more suited to seduce and tempt certain targets.

I’d suggest instead going to Google, and maybe have safe search on. Maybe ask an adult family member.


Mostly naked demon dudes… the seductive uses sort of spell themselves out.

Which kind of enemy should the Incubus slave/pet be used against in a scenario where a Warlock wants to exploit their enemy.

:neutral_face: I don’t think that needs spelt out on a public forum. There are… like… slashfic forums for the answer to that.

The Succubus is used against male enemies right? So wouldn’t that mean the Incubus would be used against female enemies? Also what guarantee is that it would work?

Yup. This is all definitely a topic best discussed with a trusted adult family member.

I mean, it’s obviously a troll, but damn if it isn’t making my night right now.


Someone who’s attracted to men?

Anyone that’s attracted to men?

Depends on your stance on sex and combat. They’re the same as succubi, but someone might prefer a male minion over a female.

I don’t understand what’s confusing you.


They’re sex demons.

For sex.

People have sex in the lore.

There’s even very strange lore regarding sex (eg Dragons taking Elf forms, which I recently found out about).


So far, as a game mechanic, it seems largely a matter of taste. If you look at the various demons and glyphs, that becomes more apparent. And the Incubus will likely be in that glyph system.

The Felhunter and the Observer are an example. As our minions, they do the same things in game, but they have different models.


Observer used to be an improvement, as its silence was a 40 yd range while Felhunter is melee silence

But they fixed that :frowning:

support warlock stables!


Well if you don’t wanna bone a female demon, maybe you want to bone/get boned by a male one (or vice versa).

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The new male incubi is cute though. Just gonna leave it at that :wolf: