Looks like random BGs still award conquest

There is still conquest in random BGs. So everything is alright now.


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Problem solved.


Unrated conq gear is only 10 ilvls higher than honor gear fully upgraded, so it’s not really that great.

PvE is still the best source of PvP gear if you don’t do rated PvP. Exactly the same issue BfA had.


Conquest gear will be ilvl 200 unrated, which is equal to a mythic 7, as well as the majority of gear from a normal raid.


almost, 2 problems remain for this to be a literal perfect system:

the vault last i checked requires you to earn conquest in rated pvp, this should include unrated conquest as well.

unrated conquest gear is 200, this should be upgradable to 213 without doing rated. this will then match the 460s unrated players got from the weekly cap in bfa.

IMO, those two changes would make this gearing system perfect, and probably the expac too.


Sounds like a good change.


This doesn’t change the fact the cap is still maxed at 550 a week friend. Who cares if you can get it from those forms of pvp? I mean cool… I guess, won’t do us any good though.

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Several large issues remain. It is not an improvement over the BFA system.

HUGE barrier to entry. You still have new people at ~130 item level trying to get the 158 base gear. Even when they get it, they will be several tiers behind before fully upgrading.
Even at next week’s ~184 honor gear cap, you’d be fighting people in 200+ gear from raids / m+.

PUG vs Premade. This shouldn’t happen.
Force similar groups to be queued against each other.

You need a WIN to get conquest. This will promote people to afk out of losing games, and fill with new players upset at being put into a losing game.

If one would try to level a new character next week or next month+, you would see the huge glaring issues that are not fixed. Still would have to PVE to PVP because there is no item level normalization nor is there a catchup system. It is just as bad as BFA and a huge downgrade from WoD.


Wow it only took until the third reply. Impressive.

EDIT: Ya’ll are shifting goal posts in real time.

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The ironic thing is there’s a lot of versatility gear from raiding…



We’ve been fighting for an improvement over BfA gearing issues for a long time.

The goal posts haven’t moved at all. They just never tried to get to them.

Currently there is no solution to PvE gearing being better for PvP than PvP for unrated players. Not complicated or difficult to understand.

edit: You also can’t compare M+ end of dungeon rewards to Conquest gear rewards and pretend like they’re equal. The vault rewards or raid gear is what will push PvE gear way past unrated conq gear. It may not be a problem for a month or two, but it will eventually be the same situation we had in BfA.


So much for many players dreams of punishing casual players for existing.


I’m pretty sure it’s honor from rated play that triggers the vault.

I actually think that item 1 should be unlocked by either rated or unrated play, but options 2 and 3 should remain ranked.


PVE is ubiquitous with versa gear. No point in doing PVP gearing if you want versa. You obtain PVP gearing if you enjoy it but yes BIS gearing for most players will come from PVE tomorrow. I discovered this early in the beta process.

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It’s better, but the real benefit is that people won’t feel as forced to do rated and avoid unrated. You will still want to get 1400 in rated, which is a gimmee.


Yep. People aren’t looking at the loot tables. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now they just need to get rid of the stupid rate requeriment to upgrade gear. Make so that rate increase only your conquest cap and that is enough. There is no need to increase the gap between players on a game mode where the most important factor is supossed to be skill.


Mafic. You have the cutest in game char on this forum.

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So it still stands if you don’t do any rated pvp content then you’re conquest gear will be lower ilvl and you also will not receive loot from the weekly vault.

It’s still pretty limiting for people that don’t want to or normally don’t participate.