Looking for more information on this Ban


I’m sending this out to this subreddit as an S.O.S. incase the right person might see it so I can get unbanned.

Long story short, I am a controller player. I play classic wow on a PS4 controller, using the addon consoleport and its mapping software WoWMapper. I have been playing this way since I started playing Classic in september of 2019. I’ve never played WoW with a keyboard/mouse.

Eventually I started dual logging two characters at once - a Warrior & Shaman combo. I bought a USB foot pedal, and I use the foot pedal to ALT+TAB between clients, while controlling the characters with the controller. Every input is manual, nothing is automated, I have to fully play both characters with a controller (something I’m quite proud of being able to do!)

On may 5th there was a bluepost (see here : Policy Update for Input Broadcasting - May 2021) with an update to third party software. They’re very explicit about disallowing software that sends outputs to multiple clients at once.

I suspect I have been targeted as a part of this change of stance in policy, but I am NOT guilty of breaking the rules they have established. I can not and do not control two characters actions at once, I have to tab between them.

I submitted an appeal ticket, and I supplied some recorded gameplay proof to show my innocence.

Here is a youtube video of me Doing Diremaul-East Jump runs on my warrior + shaman combo, with the controller, tabbing between them for full manual control. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMlKuENCeBI

my Twitch channel with a few VODS of more proof of my controller gameplay style also exists Link : https://www.twitch.tv/moonmarooned

I hope this post can reach the right people. I believe my unorthodox and extremely niche playstyle (controller dual logging) has gotten me unfairly banned in the process of cracking down on true botters and automation users. Please help!

EDIT : My First appeal was denied and the response I got makes me feel like they didn’t even read it. Dunno what to do. I appreciate everyone who has posted in support. If there’s a GM or someone lurking out there with some influence i’ve sent another appeal. Please help me! Current Ticket ID: US79497391

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This is posted from the account holder, who is a friend and a guy I raid with both. He’s never done anything as far as we understand to warrant the ban. He uses a controller mod, which he has for years, has two accounts, and has a foot pedal to switch between screens. The controller only send inputs to one screen at a time (the foreground, focused program on his computer) and is not providing input splitting in anyway.

Would appreciate the GMs taking the time to look at what appears to be an auto-ban on a guy that’s actively paying for 2 accounts and was here and excited for TBC. Is also a streamer and has a small following.

Can we get some information at a minimum here?



  1. The CS forum isn’t used for this kind of thing.
  2. Blizzard isn’t going to tell a 3rd party about another person’s account.
  3. The forums isn’t a bypass for the ticketing system and the folks whom look into this kind of thing don’t post.
  4. Any outside info won’t be used for their calls, only their internal logs.

Sure. This forum is an Information Desk where questions about policy and such are answered.

  • Appeals can ONLY be handled via ticket between the account holder and Blizzard. Reddit, forums, etc - are not a means to appeal.
  • Blizzard will not discuss account actions with anyone but the account holder.
  • The appeal response is not automated. It IS however, a template letter after a human reviews the logs.
  • The ONLY thing Blizzard uses for bans or appeals is their own logs. Videos, streams, etc. are not accepted because they can be edited.
  • If the person wants to appeal again, they can until they are told no more appeals will be looked at.

a few months ago, i discovered that wowmapper from consoleport, uses the same type of code that input broadcasting software does. i asked the developer and he dismissed my question, he said its not the same.

but it seems they are banning the use of any software that controls wow, that isnt a physical keyboard/mouse. if you have to ask whether this program x is allowed. then just assume all programs are not allowed at this point.


Something to note is that your friend admits to using hardware (the foot pedal) when multiboxing. Under the new rules, it could be considered a violation as it helps make it easier for your friend to multibox via hardware.

The Mutiboxing rules now state:
“Please note, however, that use of all software or hardware mechanisms used to mirror commands to multiple World of Warcraft accounts at the same time, or to automate or streamline multiboxing in any way may result in account penalties.”

Not saying that this is the reason for the account action, but it could be.

Is using a controller natively supported in Classic? I know they added it for retail, but I haven’t checked to see if it’s the same for Classic. If it’s not, then that might also be considered hardware and software (that your friend said they’re using for remapping keys) to make multiboxing easier.


wowmapper is used to remap controller keys to keyboard keys. but its not exactly 1:1, it does not remap controller keys to physical button presses. it uses the same code as input broadcasting software (the send keys software function in windows). and its likely not allowed anymore that this point.

unless they add controller support to classic wow. i’d suggest to the OP and his friend not to use it

I’m (obviously) not the rule maker, but using a pedal to = an alt/tab hot key is NOT hardware mirroring. It’s no different than mapping a valid hot key to a mouse or keyboard button. It’s no more automation than macroing F1 to ctrl-shift-Q or my right click to #1.

I agree that it’s not hardware mirroring, but it could be argued that it’s helping to streamline their multiboxing. I obviously don’t know that it’s what triggered the account action of the OP’s friend, just saying that with the new rules, there are a few things that might have gotten them into some hot water with the new rules.

“I would not recommend using outside programs to hook into or interact with the World of Warcraft client.”

Just for some added insight from another very recent thread that is somewhat along the same vein.

From the sound of things, what might have been this fellow’s playstyle, isn’t going to be allowable going forward? Too much creative working around things that may or may not toe the line of what has been changed with the policy update.

I’ll say it yet again for all the folks in the back. While it is allowed, multi-boxing is an unsupported playstyle. Everything you do is at your own risk and opens yourself up to sanctions, suspensions, and bans.


If a foot pedal is not ok because it’s a hardware means of streamlining multiboxing, why would a mouse be ok?

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Maybe it is okay. I’m just saying that under the new rules, using hardware to streamline multiboxing is now against the rules.

Using a mouse with your computer is fine. But using a wireless mouse and multiple computers with matching receivers for the mouse (allowing the mouse to move on each computer at the same time) isn’t okay.

The context in this matter is that the OP’s friend is using the pedal to make multiboxing easier for them. And while I could totally be wrong, the way I read it is that it would now be considered a violation.

At the end of the day though, it’s just speculation. The OP’s friend can only appeal the account action via a ticket.


Let’s not start being obtuse just to argue. The intent of the rule is so every player must click (or use a hotkey) manually in every window. Switching from window to window needs to be manual, as well. As innocuous as a foot pedal might be, it is a way to streamline the window selection.

So, for example. Player is multiboxing 3 accounts.
How Blizzard wants it:
Action --> manually select window 2 --> Action --> manually select window 3 --> Action
How OP describes it:
Action --> Hotkey (foot pedal) to next window --> Action --> Hotkey to next window --> Action

Does it save time to just press a foot pedal instead of manually selecting the next window through Alt-Tab or clicking the taskbar? Yes. That is streamlining.


I don’t think I’m being obtuse. I guess I’m getting into semantics. I suppose ultimately I just think the announcement is poorly worded and it bugs me.

So, the hotkey alt+tab is ok if you used on a keyboard but not if used on a foot pedal? What about binding alt+tab to a mouse button - is that different from it being a foot pedal because of something?

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A foot pedal is a supplementary input device, not a primary one. It serves as a buffer to already-existing primary input devices with the sole purpose of optimizing input efficiency, which is considered streamlining and against the rules - at least for multiboxing. A mouse is a standard input device used for universal input control on the computer.

Pressing Alt+Tab is okay because the keyboard functions as a part of the standard input device set with a mouse. Mice and keyboards are necessary input devices for controlling the computer, so outlawing standard keyboard/mouse functions would make no sense whatsoever. Foot pedals are not necessary input devices. They are specifically buffers to input efficiency and are commonly used in special circumstances, usually involving people with disabilities. Otherwise, it’s a device some gamers use to optimize their action speed and is not even in the ballpark of necessary to play WoW with.


I don’t think that it’s that hard a thing to get unless you’re wanting to nit-pick and be difficult, but that’s just me.

Regardless of mouse or pedal or keyboard, some sort of third-party program is usually required to re-map keys - or at least that is how I understand it. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry and I beg correction. So. Even before touching all of the rest, remapping your keys with another program is already being shot down in the other thread I linked above where this whole schtick was being picked apart for another program and all of that.

The bottom line, without all of the finer points in things? Blizzard said not to do it. This is the exact reason why they stay vague, because then people want to argue this or that and everything in-between. If you can’t multi-box without the clunky fashion of manually doing everything as it should be done, then either don’t multi-box or prepare yourself to be sanctioned. If you can’t play the game how it’s supposed to be played, then either don’t play, or prepare yourself to be sanctioned. All this is doing is trying to debate things that don’t necessarily need to be debated.

Blizzard has laid out their rules from how they want it to go from here on, and that’s it. Period. They’re not going to go any more in-depth than they already have, as they’ve said in the other similar threads that have cropped up since the change.

As for the OP of this thread, that has gotten away from us to begin with? It’s not our concern. It is between the affected player and Blizzard. The third party bringing it to the forum should not have from the get-go.


to me, the announcement read literally means you can’t play more than one client on the same computer. you can’t use hardware or software to streamline multiboxing, in any way. this means that you need to play each client on a different computer. that is my hang up with it. And I think it is poor form to make a statement, and when someone asks what “unstreamlined” multiboxing is, the answer is, well I can’t tell you that, so you end up with threads full of assumptions.

I’ll let it drop as I don’t think this is really productive, and I’m not meaning to bring it up multiple times on this forum though I have twice now I think.

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Honestly, I don’t read it that way myself. I see it as being allowed to Multibox, but to do it the old fashioned way of using your keyboard an mouse, no additional software (like the OP’s friend is using) and no additional hardware (which I personally see a foot pedal as being), and simply using alt-tab on your keyboard to switch between WoW clients.

I definitely agree that the announcement leaves a lot to be desired as far as being clear on what’s allowed and not. However, I also think it’s intentionally worded that way unfortunately.

To be frank, I hope that this is more a move to start actioning botters (not multiboxers) faster and without having to worry so much about the semantics. That’s my personal opinion, and in a way I hope it starts to show in the squashing of bots…but that’s just me.

I think you have similar concerns as others do Tofflemire, and valid ones too. But for this sort of change in Blizz rules, I can only imagine how many were involved before they landed on the wording they settled with.

I guess at the end of the day, the best we can do is provide Blizz with our feedback either in-game or in the General forums to ask that the team provide more details. Until then, I think we’re left with the current wording as-is.


From Vrak. Hopefully that will ease your mind on that particular account.


I don’t think it’s poorly worded at all…when you read it and don’t apply any hidden meaning or personal opinion on it. That’s really what causes the confusion: someone trying to read too much into it, or even worse, someone determined to continue playing their way and looking for any loophole to do so.

Not saying that’s you, but just how things go in these threads.

While there is no specific mention of such a thing, yes, I would certainly interpret it that way. Because hitting ALT and TAB is two button presses (even before tabbing to the desired window), while the foot pedal is one press. By any definition, that is very much streamlining the process.

Also, note that this is precisely the reason such announcements are kept on the vague, “poorly worded” side. Because they cannot possible account for every combination that a player may use.

That would likely require a program to allow multiple keystrokes into one button push, so yes, that would probably not be allowed either.


Yep I understand Blizzard’s policy changes in an effort to get rid of botters, but people who are just multiboxing to make their alt-experience easier are getting hit in the cross-fire [like myself who just multibox to level alts simultaneously instead of one-by-one, do Covenant questline in one go and to do dailies like World Quests (instead of doing these 5x in a row)].

Also am I correct that most botters do this for gathering herbs/ores? Just ban multiboxers with gathering professions if you ask me (I don’t care for professions tbh, Enchanting is the only one I have to keep my bag/inventory clear of stuff). And yes all my alts just have Enchanting (and offtopic, I don’t bother levelling up for recipes and high-end enchants).