Live chat feature

I have been waiting for 3 hours to use the live chat as it said it would go live at 12 PDT. Anyone been able to use the live chat? Please advise

The hours are more sporadic since the pandemic, and most of the staff working more from home. Sorry I can’t be more specific.


When available that feature lights up.


what do you mean the feature lights up? I’ve been waiting on support for 9+ hours and i cant progress in the game or anything until my name isnt stuck as Adventurer so i can purchase a bundle

It will go from a greyed-out (or blued-out, as the case may be) appearance, to a lighter, stronger blue appearance. Similar to any button or feature or link on the Internet that is darker or greyed out when “unavailable.”

Can you shoot me a link, I believe I’m looking in the wrong place my contact support is lit up at the moment

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On the left, it says “Web Ticket 24/7,” which is lit up / available. Next to that, in grey, is “Live Chat - Unavailable - Open 12:00pm PDT - 3:00pm PDT”, and next to that is “Phone Callback - Unavailable.” That is where the “Live Chat” option will light up (matching the Web Ticket brightness) when available.

Due to COVID, you’ll need to take those hours as flexible. I’m sure noon-to-three is their goal, but, you never know what staffing issues they’re having.

If you cannot visit that link, then, go to this link:

And then:

  • Choose “Account, App, and Shop”
  • Tell us about the issue: “My battletag says adventurer”
  • Continue
  • “I Still Need Help,” at the very bottom
  • “Account”
  • “Not Listed Here”
  • “Contact Us”

Now you should see the “Web Ticket / Live Chat / Phone Callback” as described above. When the middle option lights up and becomes clickable, Live Chat is available.

(As it’s only 9:35 PDT right now, it’s grey.)

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Alright now I am really confused, which yeah I understand the drawbacks from the pandemic and such. That said if the Web ticket is lit up 24/7 is it really 24/7 if I’ve waited this long for a response? Or would you typically have to wait for live chat to open to resolve, said situation?

Well, “Web Ticket 24/7” means you can submit the ticket 24/7. The response times are generally in the two- or three-day range, loosely.

As for whether this can be resolved via ticket, or has to be done via live chat or callback, I have no idea. I have seen other threads over the years of people getting their battletag replaced with “Adventurer,” but I am not sure how those problems got resolved.

(See below)

If you check the progress of the ticket you have in, it will list the approximate response time. Note that this is an average estimate, not a definite response time, so it may change as time goes on.

The only advice I can offer for the live chat is to check it at 12 PDT, and if it’s not lit up, check it every fifteen or twenty minutes to see if it is.

Here’s another “adventurer” issue, and it looks like the person took care of it via ticket. Hopefully, you can too!

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Live chat is only open during specific hours, which is affected by all staff mostly working from home. If the option is open for either a billing or technical issue, it will light up.

Web tickets are answered 24/7/365. Most of the time it is pretty efficient, but commonly can go up to approximately 2-3 days wait depending on the issue.

Most issues can be handled by web ticket.

My guess is the feature will be open in about 2 hrs 10 minutes. But if there is no one available, or there are too many ongoing contacts, the feature will not be open. As fellow players, we can only point to the correct issue, and it is entirely dependent on your particular issue.


Ok, Thank you, it isn’t a battletag issue its my actual account name and i cant update it at the time of purchase or anything which upset me… and when I view the web ticket there is no progress, it just says “status:opened”

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which doesn’t really make sense to me, because I didnt have this problem when I purchased things for another game via debit card but since i’ve been waiting over a month and a half for a new card i did gift cards and then it wouldn’t let me edit anything

Yeah, my mistake, I kinda used those terms interchangeably above. It’ll still be the same process to get it fixed.