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In this pinned post, we’ll keep an updated list of links to noteworthy threads started by Council members. This will serve as a one-stop-shop that saves you from needing to bookmark two dozen links.

At this time, this is a work-in-progress; we’ll add to this soon, and we’ll update it regularly going forward.

Current threads

The Future of Warcraft Announcements – Dragonflight

The Future of Warcraft Announcements – New Dracthyr Race and Evoker Class

The Future of Warcraft Announcements – Talents and User Interface

Older threads

9.1.5 General Thoughts

External cooldowns/buffs on other players in group settings

PvP Gearing in Shadowlands

Solo Shuffle Feedback

9.2 Double Legendary Requirements

Boosting / RMT Advertising

Sepulcher of the First Ones Feedback

Grimrail Depot and Motion Sickness