Blah Community Council let down

like oh my god has anyone who actually liked the original poster actually visited the community council or are you guys just taking an angry casuals player word for it.

go look at it and tell me how anything about that forum screams elitists.



Hello, I see you replied to the thread. Clearly the RP elitists in the CC forums are letting everyone down!

Thanks for your post and have a great day!

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Let OP have his own imaginary discussions please.

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Short, sweet, and straight-to-the-point :laughing:

If its any consolation, Blizzard has posted like 8 times in almost a month… and 4 of the posts were basically the TBC Dev who’s probably got a lot of time on his hands since TBC is basically dead.

Blizzard isn’t going to listen to them unless they suggest something they were planning to do all along - then they’ll do it and make a big deal about how they’re listening.

The WoW Community Council is a PR stunt.


Admittedly seeing nothing change in this thread by Blizz is pretty disheartening: Links to Notable Discussions in this Forum - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (

What even falls under notable discussions in this case?

I’m not irritated with you or the others. You and Mira especially are perhaps two of the most vocal in the council, or at least most responsive to those outside of the council. I’m more confused as to what is considered meaningful to not just the council, but Blizz? I see some great ideas and noteworthy topics in the CC forums and some outside of them. Surely it can’t just be updated with just each new patch.

There’s plenty of people who do nothing higher than queued content.

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Not that I blame the people selected. Just Blizzard either didn’t select enough or their criteria of selection was in a way to create more of an echo chamber. Ya’ll can only speak on what you believe in. You could try to represent others but that would make you not authentic and just as out of touch as blizzard is cause you can’t really understand another person perspective all that easily.

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I have to agree that they really didnt highlight noteworthy to me at least but it really comes down to perspective. I think they seem less detached with the ideas from other people and really being forced to answer some questions they would obviously avoid examples like the solo shuffle punishment stuff. Its great knowing that stuff now instead of as the patch releases and being like LOL classic indie company. Im def gonna be pushing harder on getting straight answers for tough stuff but id like to start slow instead of just going straight at them with gotcha stuff

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Talking about M+ and normal raiding, already explained whats the difference between those people and people who only do LFR and normal dungeons.

And that is the real issue. A community council is supposed to speak for the community in which they represent, not themselves. I think the one guy who did try to solicit input got kicked for creating that discord room though, right?

No mercy !!!

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Ah, the reference. We started to watch Cobra Kai recently and this is really something what this generation of whiners and players need: Toughness.

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That absolutely wasn’t the reason, I think it was more the leaks of him joking about racist topics.

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How dare you, don’t you know that that show is an alt right dog whistle that promotes toxic masculinity ?

Strike first.

If we are talking about the same leaked picture, Prosident wasn’t joking about a racist topic he was replying to a random person if he was racist or does he believe that there are too many PoC NPCs due to perceived mandates.

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If you like Cobra Kai boy do I have a class for you

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From the photos I saw, he did nothing wrong. But I guess that doesn’t matter these days. People just like to get out pitchforks and torches.

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People are only going to talk about what matters to them . Some will talk about 1 topic others on more.
Hopefully there will be enough people talking about similar topics to balance it out.

It’s not like if you were on the council you would be any different

This is why having such a council isn’t the best idea. I spent a lot of time as a subject matter expert on cross-functional teams. Choosing people who are on the team to represent specific community is the key. IMO just gathering 100 people who want to share their personal opinion is not productive. :woman_shrugging:

As for would I be any different, it would really depend on what the ground rules of the team was.

I’m completely disheartened by the community council if they want to bring back master loot and kick rewards out of LFR. But I think blizzard is smart enough to know the old days of people ninja looting things shouldn’t come back