LF Old Friends either from the guild Blackwater or PvP Incorporated

I believe so, there were a few trolls to regularly do it

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I just remember him as being such an antagonist haa…I was a newby rogue in the guild “The Other Side” and Bunchy was just always there in your way haa

re bumping the thread.

“Walks into Forum’s, Looks around… Scratch’s himself and leaves”

But Seriously… I legit played 2 weeks of classic and got bored, even tho I enjoyed it. then Irl stuff


HI Iamnatman
Khemical… Bunchy ruined a few good FTA’s cuz Trolls and Hi


Also Hey Ganse :slight_smile: if your reading this months from now… I just want you to know.

I’ve been seeing another Holy pally behind your back… It just happened… You know?.. We finish eachother’s sentences… We like the same movies. I’ve introduced em to my parents the whole 9

Well anyways Ganse… Hope all is well man. Tell all the other Former BW players If you stay in contact with them I said whatsup…


U skank!!..

But for real though Leo, I miss you too buddy. I havent been on WoW in awhile. Let me know when we are getting back into the game. Whether its now or a year from now…

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still cant believe I missed your message lol, I had been checking for a while

Is the server even active?.. I mean was dead two years ago. Plus natman isn’t around to provide any sufficient world pvp entertainment. I could figure a way out to just gank you and camp your corpse. But yah know I like server scale world pvp… Sure it would be fun to hear you rage… but it would only entertain me for a week or two.

LOL u know constantly spamming howling blast never kill me Leo. Lucky i always keep your butt alive haha. I miss playing but I think your right, theres not much of a game to go back to.

You playing anything else? It be pretty sweet if we found another MMO to join


Yeah, No Freaken Idea what new MMO would be out there. Not trying to relive the glory days of me crushing your terrible horde guild. But if we can find a game we can probably get a solid grp to fk around with and pvp. Im there. Hell even if its classic i’d do it HMU Iwuzreloading#1616

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Same, I cant find you though. Add me Ganse23#1250

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Bump… Anyone remember good ole celosie… (yes I probably mispelled it, but worth mentioning a fallen server legend) - or so i’m told.

Darmand you still around?

Ganse is a horrible human being and cannot level a simple monk even with all this easy xp.

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Your such a B lol

Colosie, yes. Been a loooong time since I’ve seen him.

Damn, haven’t seen him lately either. Not since MoP I think… I remember making crappy MS paint art of me looting his bank alt. Sadly the old forums are dead, so that’s all gone.

Colosie had a kid and is a good dad, quit the game for IRL stuff …he’s bald now and drives a minivan

Full dad mode huh?

No doubt also grilling burgers outside on a sunny sunday, wearing a hawaiian shirt and flip flops.


But I’m sure he could still charge and sunder

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blackwater and pvp inc were always kos no matter what


Zoux was always nice buy Zouxlol would attack from above the bank in Ironforge

No clue where Leo went, but im back to playing after a 4 yr haitus. Im now with the Holy Knights. We are gonna be picking up soon as this new release rolls out! Hope to catch you around Ganse, I remember you from the guild!

You would remember me under the Ret Pally alt I still rock named, Keromar !