LF Guild. WW monk and AF lock

YO! looking for an adult guild. you married? you a homeowner? you got a job and work hard? come home and just wanna relax and play some video games? drink a few beers? then you’re the guild for me. hit me up.


add me bro TheGegend#1938

Raid Times/Days: 9:30 PM EST - 12:30 PM EST [T/TH/F]
Current Progression: 4/10M
Past Progression: 12/12M CE BFA

Twisted Rebels is a newly formed guild looking to blow through mythic content we have a good core raid team just missing a few people to really perfect it.
We have every intention in getting CE with a main goal of achieving Hall of Fame Alliance at the same time.

Recruitment Contact: Afroduck#0001 (Discord) or Onstryx#1364 (BNET)

Requirements: Good logs, and as well as being active outside of raiding.

High Priority: Disc Priest, Arms Warrior, Balance Druid, Fire Mage, Warrior and Affliction Warlock. (if you perform well, aren’t one of the aforementioned class/specs and are interested feel free to apply!)

Good morning to you , I feel like I need a resume lmao ~ divorced, homeowner the 29th of this month , Floral manager (work my butt off ) & I love to relax & play video games ^-^ Let me introduce my guild to you !! Allumination is a guild where busy adults can come to relive the time where lasting friendships were the greatest achievement. Young at heart, we are infected with sarcasm, adult humor and the need to have a good time we’ll all still be laughing about in another 15 years. Check out our recruitment & hit me up if you would like to talk (and yes I will be at work all day today ) Allumination ~ Stormrage - #5 by Räveñ-stormrage

We raid wed/thu 9-12a

Hit me up


Stormrage alliance guild looking for more members

Dlares#1711 if u wanna chat

Hello there!


i think our guild would be a perfect fit for you. add me on Discord: Neil#4199

If you can do Tues and Thurs from 10pm-1am EST, I can take you both. I’ll leave our info below and if you’d like more info, you can add me at Rawrabear#1450.


You couldn’t have described us any better. Here’s a copy/paste of out guild recruit ad with contact info. Hit us up if it sounds good and let’s see if it’s a fit.

Illidans Redemption, formerly Sisters of the Night (est Feb 2005), is likely the oldest active guild on Silverhand and we’re quite proud to still be around led by one of its founding members. We are active 5 pm EST USTZ through the weeee morning hours of 2 am.

We are active adults partaking of all in-game content from raids, mythics to questing, Legacy transmog runs to PvP.

We are currently regrouping after BFA hiatus and rebuilding our arena/BG PvP team as well as a regular 10 man raid group. But we’re also interested in just about any regular player who enjoys experiencing aspects of the game together. We simply aren’t a solo players guild.

You can find us in the Guild Finder tool, our discord @ discord.gg/WkD8axzQqn or look for the following names in game to pester about membership:


If it sounds tasty, drop by for a chat some time.

Hey there! I think you’d fit right in!

< Anima > is an Alliance based Semi-Casual Heroic/Mythic Raiding guild on Proudmoore focused on progression at the highest, most comfortable level. However, we are more than just a “guild”, we are a community. Not only do we run together but we level together and sometimes maybe PvP together.

While our goals are Heroic/Mythic raiding and M+, no one wants to play with boring people or feel like they are just a number on a roster. You are playing to have fun. We know that it’s possible to change someone’s ability to play the game, but not someone’s personality. For this reason, we are more than happy to take players without much experience in BfA at all and teach them the game inside and out. All you need to do is be willing!

What we are looking for:

Tanks - Closed

Healers - Closed

DPS - Melee Only

We are looking for people that are of the ages 18 and above to join our ranks and fill our roster for both Shadowlands raiding and M+ content. Maturity is key, while we love having fun, we strive for a drama-free, relaxed community.

Anima leadership and members understand, that BfA was an expansion filled with difficulties throughout its lifespan, but anyone who did or did not play during BfA is more than welcome. However, we do require prior raiding and/or M+ experience, in order to assure that incoming members are at least semi-interested in becoming a part of our WoW community.

Raid Times:

Tues @ 6pm - 9pm PST/Server

Weds @ 6pm - 9pm PST/Server

Tier 1 Progression:

N 10/10 H 3/10 - About a week behind due to the lockout bug from Blizzard and Holidays.

For more information feel free to contact any of the below on Discord: Darkin #1234, phrigmphragm #8290, Seoshi #1584

Guild: Dominion
Area 52 – Horde
1/10 Mythic

Dominion is a progression focused guild that realizes real life happens. We’re not seeking server firsts, but we do want to clear the top tier of content.

Founded in Vanilla on Altar of Storms, we transferred to Stormrage in 2012 as the server population started to decline. On AoS we were consistently making server seconds and we hovered around the top 10-20 guilds on Stormrage consistently. With the Alliance raiding population dwindling, we transferred to Area 52 in 2019 with the expectation of continuing our long standing success.

In short, if you’re looking for a consistent guild that makes progression targets, without the demands of those in the World First races, Dominion might be the place for you.

We are recruiting all Exceptional DPS and healers.

Guild Progress
h ttps://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Dominion
h ttps://raider.io/guilds/us/area-52/Dominion

Raid Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11PM EST
Optional Heroic Saturday 8-11PM EST

How to Apply
Please fill out an application at h ttps://forms.gle/yQJL9s8R8Vcv3F2s7
Visit our Discord for more information at h ttps://discord.gg/CJNKuXS
Feel free to contact any officer in game with questions; Sarisia (Solarshadow#1696), Aureliee (Aurelie#11489), or Kobrakaix(Kobrakai#1378)

Hey there!

We recently made the decision to revive our guild and have an immediate need for both a warlock and Windwalker.

We are looking to raid Tues/Wed/Thurs, 8:30-11:30 EST. If you’re interested in talking hit me up @ MayorJuevos#1615

sent a request! ty

Dirty Mike and the Boys(H) Malganis is looking for a few dps and healers. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 est. We slowly gained players and are 10/10 Normal and 2/10 Heroic. Laid back guild. Most players are 30+. We have an active group of players on non raid days for M+. If interested or have any questions please message me on Battlenet MtMan#1965 or Discord MtMan#2491

Yo Jugalator. I indeed have two mortgages and I am a COO in my daily life. Two boys 8 and 3 (8 year old can do 3k on his hunter!) Adulting hard. Our group might be a good fit for you and we could likely slot you both into our main raid group before things pick up in our new digs.

Check out my post: [H] [Bleeding Hollow] <Cozy> New team in town get it, get it, get it!

Either way, I hope you find a good spot. Cozybadguy#8607 on Disc.

[A] Stormrage, Newly Created (Transferred), 1/10M, 10/10H core LFM

Looking for a new beginning? Outrage-Stormrage, is a newly formed guild of a core group of players with strong performance and drive to progress. With a newly formed guild, we are looking to fill out our Mythic raid team!

What we are looking for:

-Light hearted but still focused

-Prepared for raid (consumables, fight research, etc)

-Team player inside and outside of raid

-Strong performance and personal responsibility inside and outside of raid

Core Team Current Progress: 10/10N, 10/10H, 1/10M

Raid times: Tues/Wed/Sat 8-11pm ST

Invites go out 15 minutes prior. Absences should be communicated to officer team. Tuesday and Wednesday are progression nights with Saturday being a flexible raid depending on raider availability. In the instance a strong Mythic group isn’t available for Saturday, it will be a heroic re-clear

What we provide

• A core group of fun, yet focused progression raiders

• Strong performances with highly dedicated players

• We will provide some consumables as the guild begins to expand

• M+ push groups

• Leadership willing to individually assist and analyze

Recruitment status:

Roster: Currently at a small core group of 8 players. Looking for more like-minded and like-performing players to fill out the remaining spots. All spots will be filled with what we feel are the best possible players while reviewing all parts of your gameplay.

Tanks: High- Need 2 tanks for Mythic team! Also an opportunity to join M+ teams with strong pre-existing synergy. All tanks are welcome for all M+ difficulties.

Ranged DPS: High- All applications welcome

Melee DPS: High- All applications welcome

Healers: High- All applications welcome (prefer holy paladin, disc priest)

Officer Logs:

Spotzdruid (GM) - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/dawnbringer/spotzdruid#difficulty=4

Camshaman (Officer) - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/camshaman#difficulty=4

ZaCarm (Officer) - Still loading from transfer…will update as soon as it posts!

If you’re interested in finding out more…add me on discord: ZaCarm#8301

Sounds like you need insert a guild name here, we raid on weekends because we have parent sh*t to deal with like normal ppl. Come join us!!! Pm me Magicmuffins#1764

You like spicy water so you are good in my book.

HMU on discord Asap lol/. Justin#1943