LF Death Knight guild

Heya, old school EU RPer moving to US servers. Been missing my DK and been thinking of resurrecting her. Anyone know any DK, undead or cult of the shadows themed guilds? Thanks.

If you’re Alliance I can strongly recommend the Dread Watch. Solid DK guild. If you’re Horde it depends on your race. If you’re a Forsaken DK, then I’d strongly recommend Undercity Nexus.

Hey, thanks for the reply. Where do guilds do most of their recruitment on here? As in, how can I contact them outside of just whispering them in game?

If you’re Horde side, definitely start an association with Undercity Nexus. You will not be disappointed! As an Alliance DK, I have even had enjoyable encounters with it’s members.


They also host an “Undead Social” most Thursdays, and ALL Undead type RP Characters are welcomed!


Also, for something more DK specific, there is the Discord of the Damned. Admittedly I have been a bit scarce in lately, so I can not speak to their current activities.


Hope these help!