Leveling via Dungeons in Shadowlands

We’d like to note a difference between the Shadowlands Beta and the live game that you’re going to experience later today.

On your first character to explore the Shadowlands, you will not be able to queue for a Shadowlands dungeon if you haven’t yet restored access to that dungeon’s zone via the main quest campaign for that zone.

For example, while Necrotic Wake will be available the moment you depart Oribos (when you first reach the Shadowlands), you’ll have to complete the Bastion campaign and reopen the way to Maldraxxus before you can queue for the Plaguefall dungeon. You’ll then later unlock Mists of Tirna Scithe and Halls of Atonement as you complete their associated campaigns.

On subsequent characters, all dungeons can be made immediately available to you via the Threads of Fate system.


Very good change. Thank you


whistles thru her teeth

Bold move! I like it. :upside_down_face:


That’s fair. To let us actually understand the covenants first.


Can’t say that I love the idea. Hopefully the questing is quick enough that it’s not a big deal I guess.


Is there some kind of technical reason why, or is it just to keep storyline straight?

Makes sense.


This is good, forcing me to due zone quests to get a dungeon.

Fits the rest of the story- and level-gating they’ve done so far in SL.

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It is rather jarring to unlock the first dungeon when the quests up until that point have like no mention of anything that it’s a part of.

This is fine.

UwU♂♂ :rainbow_flag:

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I dig it. Makes people have to go through the questing experience and have context before blindly just queuing up. Nice change.


Does that mean the dungeons are locked on alternate characters that DO NOT CHOOSE to level via Threads of Fate?

It makes sense. A lot of the time, I kill the villain of the zone before actually getting to the point in the story where the villain presents themselves.


but I wana queue now!

That is bold, entitled brats will be mad. But it’s a game, you work for reward. Good job blizzard


i love it. immersion and learning the new covenants.

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Hopefully this will just be for the first character we level?

Guess we’ll see! I don’t really mind the change.

i like this. means im not missing as much with my guildies since we cant all be online at the same time SL drops at 10am for us, so people who need to work wont have to miss out the dungeon rush.

On subsequent characters, all dungeons can be made immediately available to you via the Threads of Fate system.