Leeway was in Vanilla but (Latency had a part)

As it stands we are getting a Frankenpatch version of Vanilla. I get why, again, I do. But the precedent for picking and choosing what should and shouldn’t be has already been set and left in charge to the folks who have been nothing but out of touch with the community for years.

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The “If we whine enough we’ll get our way” argument is not valid for how we got Classic. There was far more involved, both in terms of level of evidence as well as the business case for delivering Classic.

Anyone who thinks whining got Classic doesn’t understand how the world works. Whining was the one thing that didn’t get Classic. Proof of a market, alternate revenue streams, IP protection, and a host of other things got us Classic. And on a shoestring budget at that.

If you want to use that argument focus on Content Patches and Loot Trading. Where enough community sentiment, got modifications.

If you said “Change Leeway to 1 yard”, I’d actually see that as a valid request, because the element is still present, its just adjusted. Throwing it out entirely makes it less authentic than having it at full strength.

I mean if you want to spend years hoping they change it you can, but you have a couple of months, beta is almost done.

It matches up to what they have stated from the start, they are building off 1.12. Just look at how many things have changed away from 1.12 on the combat/talents/gameplay side of things. I can’t really think of any.

Most everything that is different is from a systems side. I think the only thing I recall them going back to older time on was mount training.

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Oh I’m well aware of what went into it aside from the internet bog standard “requests”. I’ve outlined them before. I was just shooting down your “shot down” remark.

As for leeway, as a non-Blizz dev I read the standard 5 yard range as the padding because it’s 5 yards. 15 feet. I had assumed that was set to provide padding. Imagine 5 yard melee distance in a Souls Game, for example.

Now enter in Blizz’s netcode from back in the day: Out of Range - while trying to attack a target you are literally on top of. This happened a lot in Vanilla, especially with moving targets - which brings us not to a fix for an issue but a band-aid introduced 80% through the life of Vanilla: leeway

Leeway was never a mechanic designed for the game, it was a band-aid created to hide a problem.

In today’s world, we don’t have those same problems that need Band-Aids. Some issues can still pop up but they are infrequent in the grand scheme of gaming, in general. If one company or game has more problems than another - that’s a result of that specific netcode.

Should it be removed entirely? Testing would be the only way to see if it indeed should be removed. Should it be tuned? At the least. We aren’t on dial up anymore.

It’s 2019. People expect a certain level of competence, they expect a certain level of polish.

I don’t consider Band-Aids like leeway to be a core system the game was designed with. It’s the equivalent of adding a big ugly looking cube in the middle of WSG because SOME people fall through the world in one specific spot so instead of fixing it - they cover it up.

The programmer in me looks at stuff like this and cringes. Maybe it was the best solution at the time, but all things considered if you asked me what I believe the core tenets of WoW are - leeway wouldn’t be on that list.

It’s not a defining characteristic of the gameplay and has greater affect on the meta of the game now, when it’s not needed, than it did in the final days of Vanilla. It changes the meta, full stop and provides a greater advantage the better your speed than it did back then - and that was even acknowledged by Blizz.

Removed? All things considered and knowing how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Comcast is - probably not. Toned down to reasonable levels? What those levels are? They need to be tested.

As for batching, another sticky topic, I’m not fond of my skin being saved by sheer luck but there’s something wonky going on with it that is making everything feel sluggish when it should only affect player to target abilities. Removed? No. Fixed? Yes. Blizz hasn’t commented on it being “not a bug” so I’m going to assume they are working on it.

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The problem comes in when people declare what is or isn’t “a core system”. Is AV 1.5 a core system, since that’s how it was originally designed and was “nerfed” because of people? That argument has been made many times, despite my believing its ‘content’.

Like Spell Batching, Leeway was a part of Vanilla in 1.12. In order to recreate the original game they have to add it. If you want to be truly authentic, you need to help out by nerfing your PC and internet connection.

Yes, 90% of players may never have consciously noticed Leeway. However, 99% of players never killed a boss in Naxx, and 75% of players never hit level 60. We’re not proposing making levelling easier, or removing Naxx attunements…

Believe! PvPers hate and don’t want this leeway in at all.

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From the streams I saw of BETA… no one even noticed or discussed “leeway”. In the tournaments, casters did well… and it was down to a Ele Shaman and a frost mage.

Leeway isn’t an issue. It is a latency compensation mechanism that helped those with low latency compete. If a person has low latency now (and ther are plenty that do) it’s there for them. But it won;t affect everyone else with their high latency… the game experience will be the same.

It may “FEEL” different to those that USED to have high latency back then but not now… but not at all to those that have played WoW for the past several years.

People just want something to complain about… probably those retails players still trying to jab at a superior version of the game.

Risen from the dead. Those guys have only had a couple months of practice and aren’t really that good at the game. Just wait till 60 pvp comes. You see, in classic wow, ppl with low ping are given max leeway at 2.66yrds no matter what the latency situation is with others. This is wrong.

Even something like (Read Below) this is better & closer to what vanilla was like over what Blizzard has implemented as leeway in Classic.

Every 100ms = 1yrd leeway, so 200ms = 2yrd leeway, and 266+ms = MAX 2.66yrd leeway.

If person A has 300ms and person B has 0ms then person B experiences a 2.66yrd leeway and for person A things will appear to work normally at their normal range(s).
<------------0(B)--------300(A)-------> (the lower pinged person always experiences more leeway when versing a higher pinged person because they are late)

If person A has 150ms and person B has 150ms then both persons A+B experiences a 1.33yrd leeway each so on both of their screens they will each notice a 2.66yrd leeway (This was common to see in Vanilla because ppl had over 100ms on avg).

If person A has 0ms and person B has 0ms then both persons experience 0yrds of leeway and everything is working at exactly their normal range(s).


<–10(A)—0----50(B)----> A=0.5yrds leeway, B=0.1yrds leeway.

And it just keeps on going.

Hopefully, this gives you all better insight and a general idea of how leeway used to & should work in classic and why leeway was ping based.

Blizz just needs the algorithm for leeway that they lost and we will be all set.

REMEMBER: someone with low ping will always have an advantage over someone with high ping no matter what. The latency based leeway method was created so people with high ping can have a “normal” gaming experience.*

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This post is wrong.

So you believe that in vanilla you should be able to cast a spell on some1 who is 45 yards away from you.

Thnk w/e you want, but I know for a fact that this was never possible in vanilla. Both melee+spells leeway are implemented incorrectly. Fact!

The game plays like Vanilla played. That’s correct. If you don’t like it that’s just too bad.

No, your statements that 0ms and 0ms = 0yds leeway, is flat wrong.

A attacking B while both are moving, A has 2.66 yds of extra reach.

If A has 0ms they see the extra 2.66yds. If A has 300ms, it appears to them as if they’re attacking normally, because while B is an extra 2.66yds away from them, the latency makes them look in normal range, because they haven’t been told how far B moved yet.

The leeway is fixed. Your latency affects how it appears.

Think about it. Why would I need leeway in a 0ms vs a 0ms fight? Use brains my good sir.

If I have 0ms my position on the server is 100% true, no matter who is looking at me. No need for leeway.

Denial. It’s more than just a river that runs through Egypt.

Welcome to MMO’s where everyone is equal and complex network game systems that adapt to specific players were not built in 2006 and still aren’t today.

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There’s nothing complex about it. I used number lines that you see in elementary math class to explain. I’m sure Blizz will figure it out once they get into middle school. Just give it some time… Ahhh, I can just hear all the cries already… it’s going to be beautiful for me.:joy:

Your concept isn’t complex. The implementation would be painstakingly complex and require far more network traffic and interrogation of that traffic than simply putting in a fixed value (which they did). Then scale that traffic to every single player and it becomes an exercise in futility.

I see no complexity behind it. Counter Strike has had it since early 2001.

Cool. Hows your gaming company coming along?

Not so well ever since that Blizzcon… u know which one I’m talking about.

as of right now… 8m44s - 8m53s