Leeway is absolutely disgusting, Rip hunter pvp

It’s a very strange thing they would seemingly randomly add into the game when their entire objective was to be as close to vanilla as possible.

It’s absolutely game-breaking that if I frost nova and stand still I’m fine, but try to run backwards for a split second and I get 1 shotted because melee range gets tripled through some form of unknown magic.

It’s as if Blizzard is hell-bent on destroying everything they create.


Obviously blizzard should listen to you and let you run the company. You seem to have all the answers to everything. You have all the data before you and know how to code better than they do. Take this little star sticker and put it on your refrigerator.


Okay although I agree with you on the premise of not changing things I think calling Classic a “museum tour” is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard

I’ve been able to FD trap warriors in melee range no problem

But if you are having problems, use pet stun intimidate then FD trap and it will work 100% of the time unless your pet stun was parried/blocked. Scatter is second best option but I assumed u are bm to level

Once you hit 60 and go mm/surv, you will have imp wing clip. Then, assuming you can’t FD/trap, you spam wing clip hoping for the root proc

The way to deal with rogues while leveling is either to FD/trap and peel that way, or to pet stun and then as soon as the stun hits use jungle remedy which you can buy off the ah or farm yourself to clear the crippling poison

I prefer to pet stun, remedy, then FD/frost. This will counter their sprint that they will pop coming out of the stun by keeping them snared. Turn on cheetah to stay ahead of the sprint. A very good rogue will stop and throw/shoot to try to daze cheetah, be sure to turn it off but I’ve never seen a rogue pull that on me in this version of the game. Flare when they try to vanish

Yes, absolutely.

Blizzard’s position is that it’s in the reference client. And yet, in 2019 these catch-up mechanics create an inauthentic Vanilla experience, ironically, because people’s internet connections are much faster and smoother in 2019.

This is a “change” that would not adversely affect Classic as an authentic Vanilla experience, but instead, would make it more like Vanilla.

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Please provide where blizzard has confirmed an expansion or more content for classic, like classic+ for example. I’ll help you, they haven’t. They have given everyone with interest, the ability to play where it all began. This is a tour of a 15yr old game, figuratively not literally, think before quoting me.

Museums regularly try to enhance their exhibits to attract more and more patrons to take their tours. Just sayin’.

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Please provide where I said ANYTHING about more content. I don’t expect more and don’t want more, and with the changes they’ve already implemented I definitely don’t want more. Like I said, I agree on the premise of no changes. I was referring to the fact you actually used the words “museum tour” sounding utterly ridiculous. Like it’s a “prestige, artistic experience of the human element.” For most of us, it’s just a game we’re familiar with, with mechanics/gameplay we like.

If I wanted to take a “museum tour” I would have just watched old videos on YouTube.

Ya but blizzard isn’t, yes there are bugs they are working on but it doesn’t change what I said. They have not confirmed a future for classic, until then…this is a tour.

Stopped reading here, I don’t care what you or your fragile ego have to say, good day.

Well, that’s pretty bogus. Notice how they don’t actually say that it’s working the same; they say it’s working the same for people with low latency that most people didn’t have in 2006. They should make it work the same for people with higher latency if they’re serious about #nochanges, or else have the code be the same.

You accused me of saying something I absolutely did not, then bowed out when I told you that you misrepresented me completely. I was agreeing with you if you’d actually read the post from a state that isn’t on the all out defensive/proud mode.

I wonder how you vote IRL :joy::joy: I have my guess.

PS: if opening with the words “please provide” is any indication of a fragile ego, it was a direct quote from your directly previous post.

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Isn’t what? In the business of making money? I dunno about you but after a few tours of a museum most folks stop attending until what? Snaps fingers. They offer new exhibits or improve the old ones.

Meanwhile the warrior is spamstringing for his hamstring root lol. Race to who procs first.

Really if I think about it as a hunter you need to get out of range not once but twice because intercept is just gonna bleep you if you burn all your tools.

Your sub still funds retail, shocker I know. Classic has no future whether you like it or not, until blizzard comes out and confirms more content. Our world has more to offer than classic does, its an analogy. You seriously have a room temperature IQ, sad. Museums have different sections, they don’t change until something new is discovered.

its bugged. it wasnt that good back then either, half the time it didnt drop combat fast enough and theyd start attacking again before the drop if the server was lagging at all (which it always was)

it was easier to do in BGs though. the only surefire way to do it is to scatter fd trap, but that wastes scatter

But once you get out of intercept range you have won the fight. You can kite and kill skull level warriors all day so long as you stay ahead of intercept range which is not that hard to do once you get used to kiting

Warriors are not nearly as difficult as rogues due to not having sprint, sans concumsables they may try to use

That’s why with war it’s probably better to intimidate (if u need it to land FD/trap, otherwise just risk the FD/trap), then FD/freezing which past lv 40 lasts 15 seconds. Even if he hamstrung you the split second before he got stunned, freezing’s full duration will give you enough time for it to fade with seconds to spare to get to past intercept range

Oh my, why so hostile? Wait. Are we talking Farenheit or Celsius? It makes a difference. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am just following the logic of your analogy, if you don’t like it find a better one. My sub funds Classic, which is what I came back to WoW for though I do also dabble in Retail when in the mood, but what about those people who only play one? When they quit where does that money go? I don’t expect Classic to change, yet. But I do expect it to change eventually. However I won’t be disappointed either way. I am not in any rush for Classic+ or whatever, and also I don’t dig my heels in and pout if I don’t get my way.

Also, also, I am a huge fan of museums. :laughing: