Leeway is absolutely disgusting, Rip hunter pvp

Wing clip warrior, get hit 7 times before getting enough distance to return fire.

Wing clip rogue, get hit 76 times before getting enough distance to 360 a conc shot.

It’s 2019. We have good computers and blazing internet speeds.

Could we please get rid of a mechanic that was designed to help people that were waiting 45 minutes to sign into AOL chat rooms?


This is a museum tour. If you want to take advantage of your rig and internet speeds, pick the correct drop down menu version.


I’ve not noticed it yet but I’m not an experienced pserver hunter to have a comparison.

Also have had very limited pvp interaction with melee classes It’s mostly been hunter/mages in my farm spots.

I’m sure i’ll get tilted about this soon tho as PvP ramps up =X

That is called a “jump shot” not a 360. Just for future reference.

Side note: It is better to go 180, then 180 back, rather than do a full 360.


Leeway was my band in the 80s

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If he wants to call it a 360 no-scope, he can. People call stuff in the game all sorts of different things, even when it has an in game name sometimes.

What did you expect? Hamstring is the same speed reduction as wingclip pre 60, and even after only 10% difference. Crippling poison is stronger than both. In typical game play, wingclip won’t ever open up distance on a melee before you die unless you scattershot/improved wing clip/trap.

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I don’t remember much from my vanilla pvp days but yeah getting away from melee as a hunter was always a chore. With leeway in the game it just seems more insane though.

Personally I don’t think it’s required for an authentic vanilla experience the same way 1 hour mailtime is. It’s a grey area though.

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Feign, trap, distance. Can’t say this is necessarily easy to pull off, but it was what made hunters so difficult to fight as melee back in the day :0

Do people actually turn all the way around doing that sort of thing? I’ve only ever turned, then turned back as Ashanor described.

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Isn’t Feign Death + Ice Trap still broken though?

I think that should be fixed ASAP if so.


Sooo many bads love crutches like leeway and batching


I am not talking about getting hamstrung. I wing clip a warrior he misses string BUT proceeds to hit me 5 more times before I get out of deadzone its ridiculous.

FD/Trap has been bugged since launch. They finally responded to us in bug forum but its still busted right now.


Lame, hope they fix soon :\

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This I don’t understand how people are to rtarded to understand they need to remove leeway for it to be #no changes

100% in favour of removing leeway, it is not vanilla and it is not helping either. I can’t deadzone kite a warrior, it is not possible.


its dumb when daggers have like a 7 yard range, makes wow look silly

i like the sound of 360 no scope but that implies they got a kill on the spin, jump shot seems more accurate unfortunately

It’s all about balance imo if they feel warriors are underpowered then leeway can help them

But in terms of realism it’s not really helping much

The druid overlooks the fact it’s not only hunters who have such a skill and I don’t see other classes complaining, maybe an L2P issue?