Leeway is absolutely disgusting, Rip hunter pvp

That’s not actually how leeway works though…

For it to get triggered both you and your target must be moving. So in the scenario you described leeway would not come into account as you have the melee opponent rooted with nova, only you are moving in this case.

This is not to say leeway is a good thing that should remain in the game, just clarifying the mechanics of when it actually is applied.

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burns you at the nochanges stake

It’s a “change” only in effect, but not because it’s an actual “change” to the content/mechanics.

In this case, the mechanic itself was put in to compensate for conditions that existed 15 years ago, but not today.

Yea I don’t get it neither. I have never turn 360 for a jump shot. Actually, i’m not sure how to even do it. Going ~180 then back means you swing your mouse and then swing back. But 360 would mean you end with your mouse in a complete different location after the shot… does not sound efficient or effective…

Maybe if they had listened to us BFA wouldnt have 40k people playing it right now at peak times? Retail is garbage for a reason, they stopped listening to players and starting developing the game to milk $$$

Yes let me waste a stun just to get a trap off because Feign death isn’t working correctly… Dumbest thing ive read yet. They acknowledged the fact that FD/trapping is busted in the bug forums. They’re working on it.

Its good speculation to say that this is probably going to happen since BFA is dead in the water. 40-50k players at peak times in the US. Retail is dead while classic is booming…

What more evidence do you think they need. They already had players telling them for years on the forums. They came out and said “you think you do but you don’t”

That didn’t age well did it?

I know about the FD/trap issue before. I’m saying that lately for me, it hasn’t been an issue. I dunno what they changed or whatever, but lately I’ve been able to FD/trap without using a stun first

I’ve also talked to other hunters who report similarly. And I was one of the loudest people about the bug, but for whatever reason it hasn’t been an issue recently

Traps not working?

Traps always worked. It was an issue where FD was not dropping combat for a few seconds

It hasn’t been an issue lately. I’ve been able to FD/trap with 1 or even multiple melees attacking me

The OP struggling with warriors in pvp is a separate issue, and one I don’t see getting resolved any time soon

I wouldn’t worry about realism in a game where we throw fireballs and shoot lightning bolts at each other before fighting molten elementals that are three stories tall.

Ah gotcha. I didnt know if traps were still not working correctly.

Cant the OP drop a freezing trap and run out of range? I didnt play my hunter much in Vanilla, cant remember what they can do tbh.

Yes. More like waddle out of range because he’d be hamstrung, but freezing trap will last long enough for hamstring to fade and him to get out of range

But the problem is he’s bad, and instead keeps trying to wing clip and hope that does something even though he’s hamstrung

Realism in an mmo doesnt refer to how real it is compared to real life.

Its in reference to how believable things are in the world your character is in.

What feels “real” in the world of azeroth. This concept is the foundation for any good fantasy, whether it be games, novels or movies.


Yeah, hunters and melee range dont mix. Shouldnt be going toe to toe in melee with a war or rogue IMO.

Batching is kind of necessary for some classes. Ie Druids who can’t use consumables while in Bear. Leeway sounds game breaking on the other hand.

But tbh outside Wrath where you could kite them to infinity due to being able to jump charges, Warriors were always a huge pain as a Hunter.

I can say it’s easy to pull off. If you’re having problems you’re too impatient. You don’t want to break the trap any earlier than you have to. Give freezing trap time to come back off cooldown.

L2P. Nothing more to say.

If you can’t Wingclip a warrior, without getting only 1 or 2 hits, problem is you. Sorry.

Sis you know if you get behind them (And stay behind), they can’t touch you. Sure, you need to press buttons to do that.

Classic is not a museum. It’s a museum piece – an exhibit. Museums, to my knowledge, do not mess with the exhibits.

Blizzard might, at some point, introduce some other museum pieces, such as legacy BC, Wrath servers, etc.

Museum that shows bad forgeries maybe…

Depends on the museum. Some of them don’t let you touch the exhibits… Some let children finger-paint the sculptures. Just depends on the type of museum. Anyway. I think we’ve exhausted this museum metaphor.

The type of museum here is old WoW the way it was before it was ruined – you can play it but you can’t change it.