Layering Cannot Go Live on RP Servers Period

You are the child that has no sway, literally years of forum posts got things done. Things we were told for over a decade would never happen. Get your clown cow behind back in school because you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

As one of those who wanted classic servers and didn’t fall prey to playing Private Servers, and also someone who intends to roll on an RP server if there’s a suitable timezone, you can just shut up.

The difference here is “Project” vs “Thing that enables the project to happen”.

If you honestly expect RP servers to be that unpopular, you will have your cake and eat it, because there will only ever be one layer. If RP servers don’t get more than 3000 people per server, it’s all one layer.

If however, like me, you think that the game is going to be wildly popular and there is going to be far more than 3000 x Realm Count players trying to get in, layering is the failsafe to ensure that there is a high population one month in.

Your only alternative is to open hundreds more servers, and watch each one of them die off after the tourists leave. Given the idiotic demands of player for “No-Layer Servers”, if RP servers got them, you’d be swamped immediately by “so called purists” who prefer to destroy the game than grasp that its 2019.

So even if you got your way, you’d be on a realm filled with RP-hating bros telling you you are kapp and they are pog.


Any proof that those doing the Classic development are actually likely to lie to you? Why would they even do that especially in this case?

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So your argument that is because its 2019, Blizzard cannot due in 2019 what they easily did in 2004? RP realms were never the highest of pop servers and I think the longest que I ever had, EVER was maybe 30 minutes. So I think we can all suck up a 30 minute que now and then to ensure the world stays persistent without people up and vanishing before our eyes


You’re asking for the impossible. They’re beholden to their shareholders, who have likely mandated this whole thing as a cost mitigation strategy.

I expect Blizzard actually fought against sharding and layering, and lost. The gold makes the rules. We should be glad the suits actually understand there’s a market for this kind of game at all.

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More like how Blizzard changed their minds about core identity aspects of the game over and over. Remember when they didn’t want people playing both sides? Remember how race changing would never exist? Remember how paid level boosts would never exist? Remember how if you leveled on a PVE server you werent allowed to transfer to a PVP server? Blizzard changes their mind too often to be trusted with such a high states thing like only temporary layering

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I am a shareholder and have been since 2009, and I have made no such mandate, nor was that question even put to a shareholder vote.

Lmao. It’s adorable that you believe this.

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I’m Bobby Kotick’s caddy, and I can’t say I remember seeing you on the green. Perhaps you need to spring for a few more shares?

Those are really things that changed after a really long time. Not sure you can draw some small parallel to something that by definition is supposed to be short lived.

It just feels a little conspiracy theory to me to suggest that they’re probably lying about something that everyone will see in months which way it goes.

Literally yes.

Because the demographics and starting numbers are completely different, by a factor of 10, and a large proportion (like 75%) of that population will fall away within a month.

I had a 3 hour queue on Silver Hand during the launch week of Naxx and regularly similar queues in the first week of TBC.


Asking for a non-layering server option is destroying the game? Wtf is wrong with you?


Thats literally not how it works, and its quite clear youve never gotten a proxy form in your life, so stop talking out your rear

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Wow, cool. So, Mr. Important Shareholder, sir, why are you throwing your weight around with the peasants? You’ve got influence where it counts. Put it to work, won’t you?

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Also, the queues for an RP server with no layering would not be 30 minutes. Because in Vanilla, there were hundreds of PVE servers that people would get the same or better experience on.

Without layering, you would be the target for the majority of purists, and every server would have bigger queues than they otherwise would have.

People would not stay away from an RP server because of the RP tag. They would destroy the RP community crawling over each other to go to the “non-layered heaven”.

Either everyone has layering, or nobody does.


The funny thing is, if RP realms were exempt from layering, RP realms would be flooded by the people raging against layering (not actual RP people).

Ultimately, this would be really damaging to the RP realms. A lot more than a couple months of layering.

Basically, be careful what you wish for.


You made a claim with no facts and got it shoved down your throat that you are wrong and now want to blame me for the fact that you brought up shareholders as the reason for poor design decisions? Wow, cool, Mr. IDK what im talking about

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. You seem pretty angry about this. I’m just trying to say that if you owned enough shares to matter, you probably wouldn’t be reduced to this.

Nothing personal. Nothing nasty.

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Man its almost like you are making a solid business argument for not having layering at all. If all those people would prefer genuine servers instead of layered fragments of servers, how about blizzard just makes the game the way we know they can. I would literally PAY for a separate classic sub, just to get a real non-layered server


You can, Mr. High Society! Go buy enough shares to have an opinion worth more than an internet fart! Hurry! We’re counting on you!