Layering Cannot Go Live on RP Servers Period

For a Normal or a PvP server layering can be defensible. It is not; however, defensible on an RP server.

-On an RP server Players expect to have an accurate version of their Realm. Layering removes this by allowing the full population of a city to be hidden. If I am an RP Dwarf guild, allied with all the other RP Dwarf Guilds, but layers prevent us from seeing eachother when multiple 40 man raids are attempting to occupy a city, this is a gamebreaking immersion shattering issue.

-Forcing Grouping is not a reasonable thing for RP servers, all that should be required for me to see EVERY player in a zone is for me to enter that zone. The total server population should be limited to what that server can handle. If our RP guild is utilizing horde spies, in an effort to control a zone, but layering allows horde players to slip into the zone without detection because somehow they slipped into a nother layer, that is gamebreaking.

-The full experience of an RP server is to have a persistent world, nothing destroys that more than by being able to magically jump from one reality to the next, never knowing who you are going to be able to see, or what actual server you are on. A layer is nothing but a server within a server, and that tragically undermines the shared world.

-There should NEVER be an instance where two people on the same server, standing in the same spot, cannot see each other. If that is Possible, than the game is BROKEN, and servers should not even exist.


Then play when it’s turned off.


Blizzard cannot be trusted not to come up with an excuse to keep it on.


See you on September 27th!


Proof blizzard will keep their word and turn it off pls?


K then…don’t play at all?

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Proof that blizzard always keeps and never goes back on their word?


That is my plan.

As soon as you post proof that officially declare RP realms The Center of the Known Universe Around Whose Whims All Decisions Should Be Made.


RP servers have their own rulesets, very simple to say that RP servers cannot have layers because it breaks immersion, just like RP servers cannot have people named things that are not Rp


Well I’m sorry to say this, friend…but the RP servers are going to have layering.

You are into RP so Just pretend that there is no layering. See, fixed it for you.


Simple to say.

So is “No”.

Just like you fools were wrong about us getting classic servers, we didn’t shut up no matter how many walls of no you all spammed, we kept writing posts, kept bringing it up, and eventually we won the day, and we will win the next fight, and the next one after that.



You can RP that with something like “interdimensional fluctuations” in the world causing people to phase between the multiple layers of reality.

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OR we can just win this fight like we won it by getting them to make classic in the first place. You kids who want incompetent layers cant imagine the dedication it took to get wow classic when every fool and their mother just respammed the wall of no

Well. If you want to RP then go do it instead of whining.

Blizzard makes their own decisions. I doubt any children hold sway in the boardrooms of Activision.

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+1 fully support this for rp realms

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I play on an RP realm on live after having played on PvP realms for all my WoW time until the last year or so. The RP realms, specifically Argent Dawn, was the only realm type with some form of community left.
Blizzard even recognized in the live game that RP servers shouldn’t be affected by their “modern solutions” due to the reasons you mentioned, although i still sometimes ran into issues (enemy raids not being there etc) anyways.

You’re absolutely right in saying that layering is going to present big immersion breakers, that go even more so against RP realms than they already do to the rest of the games realm types.