Lawsuit Timeline Summary + Lore articles

My problem was the community reaction in that thread, asking for proof, saying that the victim might have instigated, etc.

Thankfully, most said posts were deleted. I even congratulated the mods for it, and one of them briefly upvoted my post before withdrawing it. The people who said that stuff need harsh penalties. You can’t “choose renewal” with everyone. Many posters who have said gross things about women, LGBT+ people, and ethnic minorities are still posting to this day.

I remember in a Covid thread, an antivaxxer went off on a rant about how the Left denies science, because they don’t believe in the “intelligence differences between the races.” And no, she wasn’t talking about the in-game races. Nothing was done about it.


It did reach near that level now, according to some tweets. I am NOT going to link them here. I’m not brave enough.


Sauce? 10 char

I said I wouldn’t link them. This subject matter is not appropriate for the Forums. You can find it somwhere here.

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They said they wouldn’t virtue-shame other companies. I wish they said “virtue signal” instead. It would’ve been funnier. Btw, I’m an HMP now.

We all joke that WoW fails pretty much at every level except their art but even that one is limited by their technology.

So if Blizzard employees were supposed to be compensated fairly how much should they be compensated? We all joke that some departments have to be fire wholesale.

I, personally, would never say such a thing. The higher-ups are the issue. This is Doness’ new forum toon.

We have been shown time and time its not just couple of execs. This is why this whole community council thing is a joke.

Have you noticed there barely any engagement from the blues? The last private forum crashed and burned because the developers did not want to hear negativity.
This is a total top to down failure.
They got to clean house and start over.


Oh no, it’s spreading!!


I said something mean and regretted it.


None of that means that entire departments need to be fired. I don’t know how it works tbh, but that can’t be the solution.

Long article, but very interesting. It has the stories of three women who worked at Blizzard. One of them criticized oversexualized character designs, and another criticized an unspecified “racist creative decision.” I don’t know if any of them worked on WoW.

Also, Lego is delaying an Overwatch set.


I should answer this now. The reason I deleted that comment about male sexual assault being played for laughs in the game was because I already made a large GD thread about one example of this that was mostly just filled with nasty comments from trolls, and some of those trolls are Story Forum regulars. The first comment was a guy saying that it was funny, that ratioed me. I’m mad to this day, traumatized by some of the stuff. I had my mental health insulted a couple of times. I don’t even have the heart to go through that thread, look at the disgusting comments, and see who upvoted them, especially since some of them are people I thought were decent. This community is disgusting, and I have a hard time dealing with it.


Blizzard has not done anything regarding the strike. Radio silence.


Activision wants the creators’ real names now.

Also, I’ve probably going to be told to wait for others to reply now.

I am replying to break the vicious cycle. Doness, you may now reply as normal, hopefully without annoying pop-ups in your reply box.


God I hate Activision. Its rot is gonna sustain the rot in Blizzard.


It seems Activision and Blizzard made perfect Bedfellows.


It is no secret that Call of Duty has been having issues recently, which is directly related to the work situation. Tone deaf as always.