Lawsuit Timeline Summary + Lore articles

Alright, so most of what I posted recently was fluff, since not much happened but this is a big one! About 40 employees were fired recently, and Bobby Kotick attempted to keep it quiet. A Wall Street Journal article came out, but it’s paywalled, so I just got this instead.


Here, read this to get past the paywall.


What do you mean barely any engagement from the blues? How did the forum crash and burn?

If what you’re saying is true, the “Community Council” is becoming a Horde fan echo chamber.

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The Community Council Forums has few Blue Responses in it.

It was exposed by a person named Magdalena on Twitter a while ago that Blizzard had a secret forum where they invited Class theorycrafters and other specific people to chat with them. They shut it down and ignored feedback often.

I know one person on the forum who claimed to have been on there. It actually happens to be the same person I talked about earlier in this thread, who is an anti-vaxxer and went off on a rant about how left wingers don’t believe that races have different levels of intelligence, which is science according to her. I would link those posts where they claimed to be invited to the secret forums, but I don’t want to cause drama. Feel free not to believe me. It seems Blizzard has a history of inviting racists to private forums.

The Covid thread I mentioned was closed and delisted, and I do not remember its name.

I don’t know about that. Nothing has been said ahout the story in the Community Council Forums so far, and certainly nothing about either faction.

Does blue responses mean Alliance and red responses mean Horde? I don’t know much about the community council.

They shut down a secret forum about class theorycrafters? That bodes ill for the effectiveness of the Community Council.

If someone pushes those bad arguments about race and intelligence, tell them any differences come from cultures, not race (and culture isn’t race); that might put a stop to it. ADDENDUM: compare the US’ “gangsta” subculture and the UK’s “chav” subculture, only differences are name, location, accents, amount of guns (given US gun control vs UK gun control) and skin color of the majority of members.

Racist people don’t exactly have obvious labels showing they’re such. It’s usually only known when they express themselves or encounter someone from a group they look down on.

Blue responses mean responses from Blizzard employees. They are nicknamed “blues” because they type in blue text, in order to distinguish them as employees.

I agree with everything else you said.


No, as Doness said, forum lingo for “the blues” usually means Official Blzzard Posts.

You don’t see them often on the Story Forum. If you mostly hang here. But they pop up in GD and other sections.

For example :

They have Blue letters. And names. So usually they are called “blues”.

More Alliance bias (kidding)


“Secret forums” sounds like a terrible idea. More stupid cliques and such.

Though talking so a few who’ve partaken it later because no surprise why certain specs/classes regularly floated to the top in PvP. Probably the same reason why the pick pool of high level OverWatch is usually the same few characters.

I wonder if this was anyone significant or victims themselves.


Only you can say something like this on the Story Forums, and get that many upvotes lol.

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Well this is going to be a interesting development if it goes through.


It’s official now.

We deeply value individual studio cultures. We also believe that creative success and autonomy go hand-in-hand with treating every person with dignity and respect. We hold all teams, and all leaders, to this commitment. We’re looking forward to extending our culture of proactive inclusion to the great teams across Activision Blizzard.

Sick burn. Clean house, Microsoft.


Look at all the women on Microsoft’s leadership team. Ohhhhh this is actually really impressive and I’m hoping one day I won’t have to pay for both Xbox Gold and A WoW sub…


So this is probably going to end up causing certain high level Employee to be redundant. What are the odds Kotick does end up leaving?


They will likely ask for him to resign as soon as the merger is complete but he’ll retire with a heafty lump of money.


Master Chief armor set is going to be lit.


The price was 70 bln! And apparently it was a steal, too.

In 2012 George Lucas sold Star Wars! for 4 bln. Is this inflation or is ActiBlizz seriously that much more valuable that the massive golden goose that was Star Wars?

I mean yes, Call of Duty alone is an annual billion dollar franchise. What more of the rest?

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As far as I know, Lucasfilm was not listed on Wall Street and so had no shares to sell. It was basically George Lucas selling what he owned.

Whereas with ActBlizzard, you have millions and millions of shares on Wall Street and so the price is inflated big time.


But at what cost…?

Warcraft Fortnite skins…

The Blizzard baggage probably seriously hurt the price but they have a strong IP maybe they can do something with it.
Although most of the blizzard games are currently in maintenance mode.