Launch Date Confusion

Yes it should be but the game launches on Monday in the US and early morning Tuesday for the rest of the world.

Meaning if Classic does get maintenance it’ll be after the launch not beforehand.

I doubt there would be a tuesday maintenance that week.

Nope, that’s your own bias.

I do. And apparently as a part of that, it requires educating people to look outside their borders. Blizzard is a global company with global responsibilities to its players. It has been clear about the times from the start and it’s simply people who are unable to read, characterizing them as “deceptive”.

Actually it’s August 26th 10pm UTC. I’m afraid you’re 2 hours off.

August 26th 5pm PDT would be August 27th midnight UTC.

This is why we need to abolish time zones. It’s too confusing. We need to just all use UTC so everyone around the world knows what I’m saying when I say August 26th 10pm. The visibility of the sun relative to the Earth’s horizon doesn’t change what time it actually is anywhere. It’s always the same time everywhere.

Pretty sure it’s the “For once” attached to the beginning of your final sentence and the “Or you know…” that you begin your post with, aligned with the general principle of your post.

Those aren’t neutral prepositional phrases in the context of which you used them.

Your post history displays your clear distaste towards nationalism. I’m sure you would agree with that statement. Hence, the bitterness.

You seem like a good, 21st century citizen of the world. :slight_smile:


It depends on your time zone. It will be on the 26th everywhere in NA. 3pm PST, 4PM MST, 5PM CST, 6PM EST.

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No, blizzard is not a multinational, is not a global company, blizzard is a California company which sells game and provide online gaming on the INTERNET which is the only global thing about blizzard.

Their launch announcement should be mainly saying 3pm PDT. ( I am on EST and can easily calculate the time )

Not bitter, just resigned to the reality that more than half US citizens live within 50 miles beyond where they were born.


Versailles, Seoul, Cork, Shanghai, Sydney, Taipei, The Hague.

Blizzard has offices around the world and intentionally thinks globally…

Launch date and times are first things mentioned.

Thank you, you’ve “resigned” to the reality. Resigning means to accept something unpleasant. You’ve just admitted your displeased feelings. More or less, bitter feelings towards a characteristic of more than half of US Citizens.

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In america (U.S.) it WILL release on the 26th. At that same exact moment it will also release for the rest of the world where it will be the 27th. CST 5 p.m. on Monday is exactly 6 a.m. Tuesday in Beijing.

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You can’t think globally while ignoring the region you are from… that’s teenager behavior

I’ll give the OP the same excuse I used, PST in reference to time zone on WoW servers shall hereby refer to Pacific Server Time lol.

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You mean on the webpage that specifically includes the PDT launch time? Or the posts on the forums that have always said 26th?

So it comes out at 6pm eastern on the 26th…not hard to figure out…

For all who are confused about the time of launch, if you hover under the enter button on the toon you created already, it will give you an approximate time for realm available and it’s on the 26th for US servers.

I Don’t think people are confused so much as they are uninformed.
Like I did i just read the title of the post which states 27 and didnt look into it until someone else pointed in a thread that it launch the 26 for americas

I believe it’s the 27th world wide, which means launch on the 26th for US. That’s how I understood it.