Launch Date Confusion

You just know some idiot is going to wake up at 8:00am on the 26th and make a post saying “Da web said I cud playz today but I can’t login”.

That’s why we can’t just blatantly say the 26th, because people would get so confused over time zones and the actual starting time. Hell it’s already happening in this thread with people not being able to convert Midnight CEST.


It clearly says launch date.

This used to be stickied, it should be re-stickied.

We’re talking about players saying the 27th. Not Blizzard.

Well, I can’t control them. I’ve always tried to say the 26th @ 10pm UTC since people started getting confused.

I know… I think OP was asking why so many people here on the forums say 27th instead of 26th. I’ve noticed it myself. I think it may confuse some people lol. Though I guess that might work out for the rest of us… less competition at the start.

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Itchy is correct. It will be a HOT MESS on the 26th, may be playable by the 27th. Welcome to the “classic” experience. I hope you all enjoy your stay!

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but but… its what? MAH CLASSIC LAUNCH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PERFECT!!! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Actually he’s trying to paint Blizzard as deceptive.


Well there is that… I still see a bunch of people saying 27th instead of 26th for some reason. Its baffling to me.

For WoW their largest audience is in Europe, hence the dates that are most widely being spread is Euro time.

uhh what??

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Isn’t maintenance on Tuesday?

Hopefully Classic won’t undergo maintenance on the first Tuesday.

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Sorry, but if they are an idiot… thats on them. I refuse to dumb things down for people. That’s how we got retail.

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How do people not understand time zones???

This thread is proof Blood Elf players aren’t mentally well.

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lol lol . . uh… no


Wait, so what is the exact date and time classic will launch in NA?

Maintenance should be over well before 5pm.

I detect a bit of bitterness in the tone implied by your language, and have noticed a similar theme in some of your other posts I’ve stumbled upon when I’ve scrolled through threads.

Whether you live in the United States or not, I’m hoping you come to peace with what’s troubling you.