Lack of noobs in wsg?

Oh well.

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Its mainly a player base change, in vanilla you had thottbot and allkhazam that had BiS lists its just 99% of the playerbase did not use those resources.

hell having any addon installed was elitist back in early 2005.

I remember Warriors arguing for MAKING a spirit set so they could regen inbetween PvP Fights…


If av wasnt the most efficient honor, the retail newbs will be in wsg.

classic wows pvp is about the honor always was and always will be and the best place to get honor is av not wsg.

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Because there’s no point in playing WSG unless you’re geared and in a premade. Honestly, why even bother.



He’s a troll on a random retail alt.

Most players that aren’t in epics, with epic mounts, and a premade aren’t dumb enough to queue WSG- it’s always been the premade only BG because it requires a coordinated strategy to do well.

There’s really no reason to queue it as a pug- losing in WSG is bad honour, bad rep, and not fun. It’s kinda a lose lose lose situation.


or dress in rp matching gear and get some challenge there too!

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As opposed to Horde 10 to 1 ratio odds and calling it PvP? :thinking:


alliance typically go for the weak. Caught a rogue in tirisfal other day killing level 10s whom were flagged. The dude was so bad and the closest he got to killing me was when i accidently hit the windows key and didn’t have any cooldowns for easy recovery. Im sure its in his rp backstory somewhere that will justify this trash action of killing players 50 levels lower than him

im either solo or with one or two friends. People who wpvp in more than a party size are trash unless the other side brings those types of numbers first. On grobbulus it seems to always be alliance bringing in 10 to 40 people to kill 2. The faction balance is about 50/50 high pop too

The regen between PvP fights seems silly, but spirit is awesome for warrior leveling second only to str

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Both sides do this, but my response was mostly to fartforts generalization. I’ve been leveling on Deviate Delight and often people near my level only attack with a 2 to 1 advantage or if I’m engaged in a fight. It’s opportunistic but most forget how hard it is to kill a paladin.

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BRD and Raids.

Queue times are 30 minutes.

No ones playing.

More power to you!

You have to understand that high levels ganking and camping low level areas happens on both sides or you are just ignorant.

I doubt Alliance form that large group to find and kill only you - the much more likely scenario is they were looking for other pvp groups and you were unlucky enough to be in their path.

Everything about that sentence, just lol.

Just play a warlock. Gear dont matter when you hit em with a 2k shadowbolt, 1.3k death coil, and 1.8k shadowburn lol

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