Kul-Tirans and Zandalari Customisation ideas?

We’ll probably get a 9.2.5, even if it’s just stuff to make 9.2’s grinds easier. Might see some customization there.

Still, I’m curious to know how long after the patch it’ll be before they give us news about 10.0 or whatever else is next.


I hope you’re right. I kinda just assumed 9.2.5 would end up as the Pre-patch myself.

I also would like to know in general Blizzards roadmap going forward. I don’t need a lot of details for what is planned just a rough estimate on when we could expect something would be nice.

Y’know what. I’m not letting blizzard forget about this stuff.

My List:

We’ll start with the easy things:

Scars separated by head and body and more of em.

Tattoos, obviously nautically themed, separated into body and face.

Not to mention blind eye options for both sides and with all eye colors. Also heterochromia options for all eye colors.

Drust and Tidesage tattoos as well.

More hair styles, hair colors, eye colors and beard and stache options.

Thin model and regular human model toggle. (We do see Kul’tirans of all three sizes regularly so why not?)

Now lets move on to some less likely things:

Drust body modifications, scars showing some drust like magic seepin through.

Glowing eyes for Drust magic and Tidesage magic. Give us some interesting water glow affect for the Tidesages maybe?

Perhaps a model toggle for less belly since some folk seem to think that makes us stronger somehow.

Peg legs, Hook hands and so on. Oh and eye patches!

Kul’tirans deserve more options!


Above all they need to stop trying to make all trolls have weird and downright bizzar haircuts.

I understand the goal for wanting an exotic feel, but the point of customization is to customize. Maybe my troll doesn’t want traditional troll hair.


hey I don’t see why not.

To be completely honest I don’t see why most hair styles aren’t just universal.

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All of that, but especially these.

I’d love some glowing assets for KTs, eyes as you mentioned as well as maybe some Drust/Titanic style runic tattoos related to their magics as Tidasages and Drust, as these would really help to set them apart from their baseline Human kin.

I could see various blues, greens, maybe purple.

Even as far as their current model goes, I personally just need the option for better proportions and definition



Like they can still be thicc and badass, it’s just that their current model feels somewhat slumped in posture and a toggle for better rigging and more definition, along with some glowing assets and tattoos would go a long way to further their hardened sailor aesthetic.

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Not bad not bad.

I like the black-blue drust magic coloration too…

All right. I’ll add that to my list.

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Saw this thread get updated.

Kinda old but hey more Kul’tirans options.


Might not be a customisation option but I feel like the Kul Tirans’ faces are unfinished.

You guys notice how they hardly show any emotion for emotes and actions when in game? They should adjust that to make them more expressive in the faces because currently I feel like they are too bland for a playable race.

Just compare them to other race faces.

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:point_up_2: :point_up_2:
id play one in a second IF they looked good in mogs.
Mostly they look like male pandas.
Female pandas look great in any mogs you put on them. Males not so much. KT are the same.

All right I can see that.

Also I doubt it’s showing yet but I got a new helm. The Drust ones from Dungeons. Very nice.

Expansion is being announced april 19th.

I hope they have some more customization for Kul’tirans and Zandalari. We’re a bit short honestly.

Very excited to see whats coming next for the World of Warcraft!

Athair watch over you and Tidemother guide you.