Kul-Tirans and Zandalari Customisation ideas?

Beards for males
Leg/ankle jewelry/adornments since they don’t wear shoes
Asymmetrical body tattoos corresponding to different loa


i like this, however i don’t want to lose my current chubby self so i am going to say if we get the option to change like this just like how Orcs can change their posture?

Then i am all aboard for this idea, like what i am saying is don’t take my chubby shape away but do please give me the option to change it like that.

both form look amazing <3


Love those model concepts. Especially the Shaved/Buzzcut hair the Male Kul Tiran has. Its always annoyed me humans (of any kind. KT or EK Humans) never had a proper Shaved/Buzzcut option. Would be cool to see.


If I could have that chiseled body of the Necrolord ladies. I think all possible characters that could be KT would be one that I play. Not just my shaman.


Skinny Kul Tirans

Kul Tirans:

  1. Different body type
  2. Tattoos
  3. Jewerly based around drust, pirates, octopi
  4. New hairstyles, would love to see thick dreadlocks for them!
  5. New skin tones, maybe some sickly ones

Zandalari Trolls:

  1. More expansive gold jewelry options
  2. Beards
  3. New skin tones based on blood trolls or simply the blood troll hairstyles
  4. New Dinosaur tattoos
  5. Decals based on the loa, could be anything
  6. New eye colors, maybe have a eye being made of pure gold!

I really love the idea of toe jewelry, they could come in different metal toned colors like gold, silver and bronze. There could even be a bone-like jewelry option as well to fit the dinosaur theme.
It’d be really cool to see some tusk jewelry, maybe even the whole tusk to be gold/silver/bronze or have the option to have one tusk be normal and the other one metal-plated. Or simple rings around the tusks. I’d love to see beards for the men as well as additional hairstyles, perhaps a toggle to add golden jewelry/bones weaved throughout the hair/beards. Or even glowing feather additions added to the hair. New eye colors that glow would be awesome, like a nice gold/turquoise for one.
More tattoo designs would be great, as well as making them have a gold-like sheen when it hits the light, plus additional tattoo colors.


That would be so cool to see some blood troll options be added in too!

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If they do more subraces and model toggles I could see them doing Blood Trolls for Zandalari as they do occupy the same island and share a model.

Yes indeed! A model toggle just like the Orcs :hugs:

I know I’d be more inclined to play a Kul Tiran too. They have a great potential for a more rugged and physically powerful physique, very reminiscent of Vrykul, which I’d also love to play.

Very that :hugs:


I would say the blood trolls use the darkspear model. Then again I wouldnt mind merging the trolls altogether, and adding new bodytypes such as the hulky bezerker models, and the bigger females. We are also missing cool tribes like the frost trolls. Hopefully they merge the races one day and allow us to pick new bodytpes.


Indeed, I didn’t think about the males, good catch :hugs:

I’d definitely love to see a model toggle for Trolls. They’re one of the races who need it the most, especially with all of the different tribes and physical variation.

Also thought I should drop this. I do actually find this refreshing as both Zandalari and Darkspear females to my knowledge share the same model and in addition to the old alpha female model this could offer another body type as well.

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I love the kul tiran model.
But i cant stand the fact he doesnt use his two hands for two hand weapons. I am not kidding this killed it for me.

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Still have extreme doubts that any race, let alone Kul Tirans, will ever get access to entirely different models and rigs as cosmetic options no matter how much people ask for them, but Kul Tirans could definitely use a few more hairstyles and some new tattoo options, same with a lot of other races that don’t already have any. Also options to reflect their Drust heritage, such as earrings, necklaces, and hair ornaments.

Zandalari, I also found their variety of hairstyles sorely lacking, and as stated above, they could use options for eyebrows and beards, plus options for war paint and jewelry akin to what blood elves got.


Definitely support more customization for you folks and hope you get what you’d like! :slight_smile:


I just want this for my Kul Tiran

For my Zandalari I need beards and more hairstyles!


Still want to see all of this.

My List:

We’ll start with the easy things:

Scars separated by head and body and more of em.

Tattoos, obviously nautically themed, separated into body and face.

Not to mention blind eye options for both sides and with all eye colors. Also heterochromia options for all eye colors.

Drust and Tidesage tattoos as well.

More hair styles, hair colors, eye colors and beard and stache options.

Thin model and regular human model toggle. (We do see Kul’tirans of all three sizes regularly so why not?)

Now lets move on to some less likely things:

Drust body modifications, scars showing some drust like magic seepin through.

Glowing eyes for Drust magic and Tidesage magic. Give us some interesting water glow affect for the Tidesages maybe?

Perhaps a model toggle for less belly since some folk seem to think that makes us stronger somehow.

Peg legs, Hook hands and so on. Oh and eye patches!

Lets get some nice things for the Kul’tirans in a serious and helpful manner for all sorts.

Athair watch over you and Tidemother guide you.


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Anyone else got more to say? We should keep this thread alive so Blizzard can see it clear and proud.


more options would be nice

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I’m hoping to see some new Kul Tiran and Zandalari stuff come up within the next couple of patches.

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Sounds like we’ll be waiting at least until prepatch if the scuttle butt is true.

Seems 9.2 will likely be the end of SLs.

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