Kul Tiran customization?

Ran out of time? Is there any race with less options than Kul Tiran? Can we at least get some tattoos like Orcs and Dwarves? It fits with the race fantasy of sailors. We should be all tatted up. 6 hair styles… Some races have 20+

It really looks like they just ran out of time on this race and said WHATEVER, SHIP IT!


They say AR will get more customization options eventually. When that is… who knows :woman_shrugging: I totally agree that you guys need some more options, so hopefully it will come soon.

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All of the ARs were left out. Most of the customization options went to the base races.


Don’t say that, the nightborne will hear you

Fixed for the truth.

Mechanical peg legs, hook hands, and eye patches–they can be the next alliance AR, mecha kultirans!

As far as I am concerned until they make an option where you can make a Kul Tiran with the same body type as the Proudmore family there will never be enough Kul Tiran customization options.

Kul Tiran’s need more beard options
Some additional scar options (though what we have now is good)
The DKs need the Dead Flesh options


Mag’har orcs and Kul’tiran both need more options both need scars, tattoos, more hair options, more face options (especially Kul’tiran), more jewelry options (orcs love rocks and bones for jewelry). And body toggle for Kul’tiran.

They should have added the skinny kul tiran models, but that would require additional time gating content so they nixed it

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Stormwind humans and Kul’tiran should both have access to skinny, default size, and beefy body options.

They’re all the same species, makes no sense to divide them by body size.

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It made no sense to divide Kul tirans and most AR in the first place but here we are. :clown_face:

Please give the bears of Azeroth more beard options! :bearded_person: :bear: :rainbow_flag:

And a bunch of other cool options too, even though we know beards are what we want the most. :wink:

Why no POC options for kultiran I want to be a BBW with nice curls

A belly slider would be nice too.

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Yeah and give them tentacles too. I’m sick of the lack of customizations we get in this game. its dumb they packaged slightly taller and portlier humans as a separate race behind a grind. yes I’m bitter.

Adding my list to this thread.

My List:

We’ll start with the easy things:

Scars separated by head and body and more of em.

Tattoos, obviously nautically themed, separated into body and face.

Not to mention blind eye options for both sides and with all eye colors. Also heterochromia options for all eye colors.

Drust and Tidesage tattoos as well.

More hair styles, hair colors, eye colors and beard and stache options.

Thin model and regular human model toggle. (We do see Kul’tirans of all three sizes regularly so why not?)

Now lets move on to some less likely things:

Drust body modifications, scars showing some drust like magic seepin through.

Glowing eyes for Drust magic and Tidesage magic. Give us some interesting water glow affect for the Tidesages maybe?

Perhaps a model toggle for less belly since some folk seem to think that makes us stronger somehow.

Peg legs, Hook hands and so on. Oh and eye patches!

Kul’tirans deserve more options!

Athair watch over you and Tidemother guide you. :anchor: