Korrak's Revenge Fixes Incoming

We’re working on a couple of bugs associated with Korrak’s Revenge.

First, we have a bug where the PVP user interface is displaying the Korrak’s Revenge quest as not completed, despite the quest being completed.

Second, there’s a bug causing it to look like the quest “Korrak’s Revenge” (Earn 200 Timewarped Badges doing quests and participating in Alterac Valley Classic) has been completed early, when it hasn’t. This can lead to players receiving a duplicate mount.

We’ll have both fixed as soon as possible, and we’ll note them in our Hotfixes Update thereafter.


Hello, please also fix people who are lower than level 60 scaling “up” to 21k hp and being one-shot.


Sounds like a skill issue


What about the bug where it’s giving too little XP? :slightly_smiling_face:


they changed it bc so many people use it to lvl alts bc it was giving like 10+ levels per a game.

That was a bug, the game is fixed now. /s

so when its fixed will it auto fix the quest still showing up?

But what is the required level to join now? The last years we could level through it and I loved it because I prefer pvp over everything else, this year it doesn’t seem to let me que though.

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not sure but not worth it gvies little to no XP


Why would they deprive you of repeat play? If it’s up forever that should theoretically provide infinite content. /s

It NEVER gave 10+ levels per game LOL. At least say something remotely accurate if you’re going to respond.


Its time wise not a big difference in xp. You need far less and get less in return. Its not really different then before the nerf.

Yeah, and people having fun leveling their alts is a no no.


it did when it first came out how i lvled all 40 of my alts, the match lasted hours all u had to do was stick with the group and u got xp like crazy, you must of tried it AFTER the hot fix


How about you guys fix the bug where it gives very little xp so there’s a reason to partake in the event on more than just my already level 60s?


ya, just glad people did it before the HOT fix bc like said above was easy to get 10 lvls per a match, before they took the XP buffs from looms away if u had both pvp xp trinkets and all looms on you got xp like crazy.

Does anyone know if this is a new mount or the one from previous years? Just curious.

I leveled between 20-30 alts back 2 years ago when it was first added and the XP wasn’t nerfed. The fastest XP was quick efficient matches, not the HOUR LONG ones (it was way slower XP that way). So sure maybe if you stayed in a 12 hour match you got 10+ levels, but if you were doing it efficiently you could get 2-3 levels per hour.


its the same so if u got both versions already your fine.


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