Keyring is being phased in... Dishonorable Kills need to be P3

Clearly the key ring was a part of Vanilla at 1.12 and is “system” element,
not a content addition.

DKs need to be pushed to Phase 2. WPvP has to be in the game before DKs. It is an important part of the game play experience that should NOT be altered.

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If there wasn’t a 10 char limit, I’d simply type “lol.”

Since there is a limit, I’ll type “lol, ganker.”

Death Knights were not in classic.



DKs are for killing Civilian NPCs not players. Gankers kill players…soooo
Also If you dont want to get killed dont roll on a PvP server…

That being said; World PvP guilds spend a lot of time doing city raids. Where players can bluewall, thus not getting “ganked”. But in the cities there are plenty of NPCs that can crush your honor gains with an accidental or intentional NPC kill.

DKs can be used as a form of same faction griefing. They are a poor solution for a problem that has a proper solution. That being a PvP solution for a PvP problem on a PvP server…

Also since I will be leveling 9 characters to 35 I will be out in P2 getting killed. DKs in P2 will NOT slow down my progress on those characters. Infact it will help me level those toons because people will not want to kill many quest givers. So arguing FOR DKs to be in P3 is going to hinder my personal game progress; but it is authentic.


My bad.

“lol, griefer.”

The honor system is coming in phase 2. Do you mean DKs should be implemented in phase 3?


Yea I fixed the typo thanks for the assist.

I think he’s saying that the code to support keyrings isn’t working yet and will be added in a patch before Phase 2

This would be pleasing. Allow us to rampage until phase 3, thank you.


Read my post… Once again… DKs in P2 will be GOOD for ME… and my army of alts. But it is NOT authentic. People have continued to say “its a system it cannot be re-coded” blah blah blah…“its not content” blah blah blah…

Clearly by phasing in the key ring that was part of the 1.12 system it is possible to phase in DKs at a time when they SHOULD be implamented (with BGs) not with the honor system that started without them.

It’s easy mate, just polish off a couple rank 14s and never care about DKs again :^)

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This is possible. But its authentic. DKs in P2 is unauthentic. DKs in P3 is authentic.

That’s all I’m saying.

Move DKs to P3

Actually there is a video of a rank 11 I think spent less than an hour “farming” DKs and was at 0 honor. The total number of kills was quite low… Ill see if I can find the video.

Well I mean if you are 14 and have your gear, then you’re good right? Obviously not easy like I was pretending it is, but yeah I know they’re harshly punitive. I’m going to enjoy pre-honor when we can still get away with large scale city PvP.

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Lol, 90 degree segways! Woo!

The keyring is not ready at launch, its not being phased in.

Was the key ring in 1.12? Yes
It should be at launch because it is not content.

according to you in fact…

Thanks for jumping in BTW!!! Where did you roll? We are on WM.

lol, so OP can finally get some self-esteem by ganking lowbies

Isn’t it?

The fact remains that its delayed, not being phased in. And regardless, HONOR is being phased in, so your argument in no way has changed at all.

DKs don’t apply to lowbies, only lowbie NPCs. You can gank all day.

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sigh… Dishonarable Kills are earned by killing Civilian NPCs. It was added to the game WITH BGs. One of the reasons it was added was because SOME people would “grief” players by killing quest NPCs.

WPvP is an essential element of creating a stable PvP environment. DKs harm this.

DKs in P2 will HELP me as I level my alts… So before you jump in here with some BS like I want to gank lowbies know your facts and read my posts.

not sure how much more facetious this post can get but keyrings were in part a actual part of 1.12