Key Ring in Classic?

Good question, how could I forget that.

Green has appeared. Dun dun dun.

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I might even be one of those people. I’m just saying…clearly they won’t have all the features implemented by launch. But who knows who made the call for the release date. Maybe the devs thought they could have it ready by August 26th, and hit unexpected roadblocks. I think it was just a decision handed down by Puppet Brack…I mean President Brack.

In any event, this particular issue is hardly game-breaking…in the short-term. But since it’s being added in the first patch (whenever that is) I don’t see it as a problem. But that said, I think it’s a further testament to ‘release when it’s ready’ isn’t really a Blizzard mantra anymore.

I know, I know, “no changes”, but imagine if they expanded the king ring to hold the UBRS Seal of Ascension, Drakefire Amulet to enter Ony’s layer, Onyxia Hide Cloak for fighting Nefarion, and maybe the Ahn’Qiraj bug mounts. And my Diablo pet :wink:

Bag space is super super tight in Classic even if you have full 18 slot bags in your bank and character.

Know that you’re loved my friend.


So, Key Ring’s are content :slight_smile:

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1.1.1 came out ten days after release with multiple bug fixes and additional features.

1.2.2 came out three weeks after 1.2 and included multiple bug fixes.

Almost every major patch that Blizzard released, had a smaller patch following it with bug fixes. I mean, look at the patch notes for BC.

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Even so you have the mailbox and a minimum of one bank alt. Five if you’re not playing both factions and only use five primary classes.

wait what why would it not be available at launch

Yes! I have been waiting for this update. Thank you!

TBH, I think he meant phase. He just used the word patch instead. Don’t read too much into it until they start announcing patches outside of phase content.


A patch is what changes are made to the code base to allow the phase changes! Not all the content for the phases are in place yet. And even if they were they need to be turned on. . via. . a patch.

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Why does a tiny puny key take up as much room as a giant axe? Never understood that lol


The quest now is when is 1st patch :open_mouth:

Because weight and space management systems are dumb in a high fantasy setting.

same reason you can only wear 2 rings.

it’d be racist to trolls. I mean, there’s magic or something…they need a fair amount of space or the keys will create a blackhole that will instantly kill your character and delete it. And then come to your house and murder you IRL. That’s how dangerous keys are.


Tbh guys there aren’t THAT many keys and you won’t need them all on you all the time.

While you are pondering that, consider that onyxias head takes up the same amount of space.


They are introducing Pathfinder 3 in order to unlock the keychain & you’ll only be able to carry so many keys at one time, so you’ll need to reach exhaulted with every faction before being able to carry all the keys on the keychain.



This subject made me curious, so I started digging through old photos and found a screenshot of me (a rogue) standing in Iron Forge on April 21, 2005 and all my bags were open. I had a bag for my thieves tools, hearth stone etc and (3) slots for keys in my bag, pre-key ring days. I also had another key in the vault. One of those was for BRD. Different type keys took up a space in the bag, thus making them unmanageable. I’d rather carry agility food than a key :slight_smile: