Key leavers, the final solution

I’ve explained the plague of key leavers in a previous thread however the immense amount of responses has cluttered the thread. So I’ve condensed it down to 3 major points that keep being brought up.

They are as follows:

  1. People leave keys for irl problems
  2. People disconnect from the server
  3. No one wants to be “held hostage in bad key”

So I’ve brainstormed and came up with the final solution to the problem.

  • What it is: A 2 or 3 strike system that resets weekly (Tuesday).

  • What it does: Once you leave a key you earn a strike. After your final “strike” you’re de-buffed and cannot join another M+ for the remainder of the week.

The 3 strikes will accommodate for those accidentally disconnected and those that have eaten too much Taco Bell and have the faucet craps hit them hard.

The purpose of this thread is to offer a solution to the issue. I’ll link the previous thread for further reading and discussion of the issue itself.


Congrats, you just punished people who play the game more and it won’t affect those who only play a little.

You still ignored the point that was brought up multiple times where if you introduce a punishment system for the first leaver, then people will choose to just AFK or face pull/grief/troll until someone else does.


I never understood the “being held hostage” thing. You’re queuing for a key, and you’re doing the key. Either commit the time allotted for the key, or waste 4 other peoples time.


list your group as a completion group. people won’t leave those ones.

solution done.

ive for sure been in groups that i knew couldn’t complete the dungeon no matter how many times they would try. i left that group. but putting in systems that made you stay would be held hostage.


Incorrect. You punish people who leave because “it’s not going their way” that’s who you punish.

Did a solid run lat night on gambit and wiped on last boss and guess who leaves… Ahhh yes a DPS.

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Key Holders have the option to list their key as Timing or Completion. It is their job to communicate with the group of the intent. If everyone’s goals line up you will have less leavers.

The fact still holds, if you experience leavers frequently then who is the common denominator?


For sure.

If it was a unanimous group decision to drop the key, then that would be completely fine. Nobody wants that guy in the group that just rages and gets annoyed, and drops group- this ruining the key.

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Also incorrect. Had leavers leave a completion as well.

Also. Why did you join that group in the first place, if you knew they couldn’t complete it.

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There are completion groups who complete it over time and there are completion groups who still can’t complete it over time.


why is this important?
If i know a group of players can’t finish. and the other 4 wanna duke it out for another hour, why should i have to keep going?
I know this isn’t a common example. most of the time people leave for singular mistakes.

That held hostage comes from the idea that they feel their time will be wasted if one wants to complete the key, yet the group, well, lets just say a few of them might really be literal window licking mouth breathers.

My solution to this, if something like a punishment system comes to be, is initiate a vote to abandon key system, majority wins, but if there is only one that votes to continue and everyone else is in agreement to abandon, the single vote gets double the amount of strikes.


Then you will have people literally hold everyone hostage by voting NO.


You didn’t answer my question.

Are… are we just ignoring the title? Cos like, I’m totally down to ignore that :sweat_smile: Choices


You didn’t ask a question, lmao…


and has a strange obsession with striking people.

I’m not sure if I’ve been in a group that decided to go at it for a whole entire hour longer.

What I mean is, is that wipes happen. It’s no stranger that we have players that think a couple wipes isn’t worth doing the rest of the key. Or, when you’re on the final boss, wipes still happen, but it can also still be obtainable. Know what I mean?

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Always thought something like this would be fair:

Leave 1 key in a 24 hour period, it starts an internal 24 hour cooldown. Outwardly, the player suffers no punishment. This is a grace given in case of disconnects or emergencies.

Leave a second key in that 24 hour cooldown, the cooldown gets reset, the player now has a 1 hour ban from being in LFG

Leave a 3rd key before that 24 hours gets reset, the player is now banned from LFG until next weekly reset.

Of course numbers can be adjusted accordingly.

Note that I said “banned from LFG.” You can still form a group manually and run an instance, you just can’t use the LFG feature. This means people who consistently group with each other aren’t affected by this policy as they can probably police themselves.



So you’re actually ignoring my example. please entertain my situation.