Keep the new BG thing but delete the racials

Also, I rolled Alliance for the racials.

Oh it very much is, merc mode has no place in Classic.

Yes yes, I recognize that blizzard tried to justify it in lore somehow. I don’t think it works, though.

Regardless of if you think of it as a “training exercise” - it takes away from the feeling of faction warfare in the game. It ruins the RP, you could say. Is this a valid reason to not implement it? In my mind, yes - but either way, the poster above should remain consistent. Either they want QoL features (turning TBC into retail), or they want the fully immersive experience, complete with all aspects of faction warfare - what should be TBC.

Where did I mention anything to do with winning games?

You can support or you can reject; take a stand and make a claim to why YOU selected your race; was it Racials or was it other reasons?

If it was racials then just admit it, if it’s other reasons then what do you care?

Nope, I expected most to lie about it in some way… here I am playing literally the best two racials in game; will of the forsaken and perception and perfectly willing to give them both up.

Meanwhile many of the others seem to have an allergic reaction that causes them to dodge and lie.

That doesn’t mean anyone else should be.

Well; we’re way beyond #no changes, may as well try a little to fix some things.

Yes, I want to play green human!!! Dead human!!!

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I always love how when it’s your side of the argument complaining, “Its justified and legitimate”, when its the side you don’t support, well it’s just unjustified complaining for the sake of complaining.

Both sides of these discussions have accused each other of just complaining, that accusing anyone of it is meaning less and adds nothing other than to make you look petty.

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You’re not entirely wrong lol, but it’s hard to argue that the horde doesn’t have a bit more variety.

I played an alliance hunter during the first TBC because all my friends were ally. We decided to try horde about 1/3 of the way through BFA. Then i rolled a horde character for classic because I preferred it to alliance.

No, just no. Not even worth saying more than this.

Because its an integral part of the character you’ve been playing. You have adapted to having that ability, whatever it is and to expect this other race to use X. It’s like saying, lets take away frost bolt from mages because….reasons.

I rolled Horde because I wanted to do the opposite of what I did in retail. I rolled Alliance back in BC as a shaman and had stuck with that faction until I quit in BFA.

Blood Elf rogue because I enjoy their animations and I think they carry their weapons better.

Undead Mage because their casting is cool and I enjoy their look over the other monster races Horde have.

I DO NOT believe racials should be removed but what faction is lacking brought up to similar levels. It’s a level of flair that MMOs just don’t have anymore.

I also believe ‘people rolled for META racials’ is just a scapegoat. After playing Horde these past months I just think they’re a cooler faction over all. Alliance are just lame, who wants to play a human in a fantasy game? Or a half human? Or a quarter human? I’ve always disliked gnomes and dwarves, glad I don’t have to play with them anymore and instead get to kill them.

The people who don’t want to play as anthropomorphic animals? I’ll never, ever understand this mentality. Do you complain about playing a human in Final Fantasy? How about Dark Souls? How about any other video game in existence?

Humans in WoW aren’t Humans in real life.

Legit, starting to think the Alliance are right about the horde rolling certain races for the advantage and not because of the many reasons provided by horde only players who claimed “friends and lore”

How about we just change the racials to be far less obnoxious?
Remove RNG and extra PvP trinkets and kinda absurd on use crap and replace them with useful but not game breaking tools?


Will of the forsaken = passive reduction in fear / charm duration by 10%
Perception = passive +10 stealth detect
Hardiness = passive reduction to stun duration by 10%

That kinda stuff; that’s a terribly incomplete list, but you get the idea. They could even do this with the tilting RNG talents and meta gems and enchants.

I know this is “Some changes” but at least it’s reasonable.

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I play blood elves because I’m superficial. Don’t tell me why I play horde.

Don’t need to delete them, disabling them in arenas is already more than enough. Heck there’s already stuff disabled in arenas cause it’s too OP; e.g. Recklessness/Retal/Shield wall from a Warrior and Fire Elemental Totem from the Shaman.

never thought there would be a day where i say that i agree with a panda in a furry onesie…