Keep the new BG thing but delete the racials

Horde always say they picked horde because they like being horde or because their friends are horde, and claim they didn’t pick horde for the racials. Let’s back up those claims and champion Delete the Racials.

This game was founded on a risk vs reward system; selecting horde in the old days meant you were outnumbered in world and had to fight every inch; trade off was fast Q’s and easier to Use PvP racials.

Now, horde have all the players and the easy to use racials; let’s back up those claims that are made in regard to friends and lore, let’s delete the racials entirely for everyone.

Delete the Racials.


Just disable them if you flag for pvp.

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Absolutely not, this is a huge change to the game.

no i think we should preserve rpg elements, not destroy them


It’s not just a PvP advantage for the average 1300 something player; the horde has the best PvE racials.

Everyone’s claim is they selected horde for friends and not the more powerful easier to use racials, let’s back that up with action.

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You don’t need a retaliatory response because horde actually get to do BGs now. You weren’t harmed, stop playing the victim and acting like you were. You all just look like a bunch of petulant, narcissistic, emotional children.


You seem to be projecting friend; I play Alliance and Horde and enjoy that I can now also do some BG on my Undead Rogue.

Don’t be afraid, I can see the fear in your eyes.

Delete the Racials

This thread will confirm how true or false those “I didn’t pick horde for the racials” claims actually are.

If this thread I have put up is overwhelmingly popular then the horde players are telling the truth; If I get nothing but hate then we know it’s mostly lies.

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You create a thread like this and then say I’m projecting? Ok buddy.

Nothing RP about Perception or hardiness or will of the forsaken or chastise retail panda friend.

Why did you select horde?

The real question seems to be why did you select Alliance?


I selected Rogue, I have both Human and Undead rogues.

I am 100% willing to give up both perception and will of the forsaken.

yes there is. differences among races is CORE to rpgs. not sure why you argue otherwise.

nerf the racials if you want, sure. but they ABSOLUTELY should not be removed. this is an rpg, we should preserve these elements not destroy them.

Maybe when they release the next set of classic servers with modified rulesets. Taking racials away now would lead to a monumental amount of qq from both sides.

I can hear alliance posters now “Your taking our racials away? when only the horde ones were OP!”, this doesn’t come off as wanting balance it comes off as wanting to punish people.

You simply restated your claim; provided zero support and played the devils advocate again. Bye now.

This is the modified rules servers; we have Paladins who have seals they never had, we have Same faction BG, mega servers, layers and a version of classes that never existed.

If I was trying to punish anybody I’d be opposed to both of those things.

Tell me; why did you select Undead?

It won’t matter. The perception is that horde is better. It’s been that way for years. Give alliance some good races to choose from and you might have something. All you got are humans of varying height.

No i’m talking about the new servers with the changes discussed by the survey that went out. I don’t play an undead my main is a troll warrior.

Ok, but this really is the updated rules servers; the version we are playing was never a thing at any point in TBC.

Also why did you select Horde?

deleting racials won’t solve anything, and it’ll just be another butchering of the classic game