Keep the new BG thing but delete the racials

you all mad because horde get shorter BG queues and get equal gear now.

this was my support that you must have missed or glossed over.


Anytime Alliance loses a BG, it’s 50% Hardiness and 50% WoTF.

There are no other factors.

Well, unless it’s AV – then it’s 33% Hardiness, 33% WoTF, 33% the map itself.

I am right there with you OP,


I think it is the only fair solution.

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Remember when the map favored alliance…allegedly?

The same could be said about faction warfare…in a game called warcraft.

Horde already make up 60% of the top 100 players on the arena ladder. On EU 3v3 47% of the entire top 100 are undead players. It’s the blue set that’s been holding you back.

it’s a good thing the faction war is VERY much alive still.

Yeah…horde fighting horde is definitely keeping the feeling of faction warfare alive. Totally.

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This Khlause guy’s obsession with racials. They’re not a problem. People just need an excuse to complain.

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God love you, but it will do nothing of the sort.

the system prioritizes alliance vs. horde. you can find out more about how the system actually works from this post here:

important to note, this thread is NOT about same faction battlegrounds. if you wish to discuss this further youll have to post in an appropriate thread. thanks.

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Because its a unique flavor in the world of fiction. No other fantasy world has a tribal faction like we do with the Horde. I’ve always played the evil races in online rpgs, in EQ my main was an iksar shaman and my best friend played a Troll Shadowknight.

When we got into WoW I gave both factions a try, didn’t enjoy the flavor of the alliance and my friend outright hated it. He called them the “goodie goods” and said gnomes were probably the most irritating races hes ever seen.

So I stuck with horde because friends are more important to me than pretty elf butts. Which is partially why I settled on a troll because at the time they had the best posterior of the horde girls at the time. When classic came out we wanted to relive our glory days by rerolling the same characters. He plays an Orc shaman and I play a Troll warrior.

I would post on my main but our guild doesn’t allow it. If we are going to post on the forums it has to be on an alt to keep the guild’s name out of any potentially problematic discussions.

lol and mercenary mode isn’t?

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You’re bringing up RPG elements in this game. Have some consistency, man. If you like HvH battlegrounds, fine - but don’t claim other changes are unrealistic expectations due to their RP elements. This is the exact same way.

Keep trying to limit the scope of this discussion because you recognize I’m right, here. It won’t work.

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Blizz did provide a reasoning for this change though. Mock battles have always been conducted throughout history. Also considering how Horde and Alliance banded together at the dark portal it would make more sense for us to be in a cease fire state where the only battles going on are those to train the troops.

Personally I would of preferred reskinned battlegrounds and queues with Aldor vs Scryers as the combatants but this is what we got.

They’re here dodging HARD!

every single excuse in the book I predict will be used; so far it’s mostly “BUT MAH RACIALS!” disguised as “the RPG elements”


Racials are not the reason horde wins BGs, lmao

Ok well I guess diplomacy is out of the picture here. I sensed you were being disingenuous and wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. But after comments like this there is no point in continuing this “discussion” because the only comments you want are ones that stroke your own ego.


Did you expect something different?

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