Kael'thas threat bug

Hello, just asking here since I am not seeing any update posts, is the threat wipe bug on Kael’thas fixed?

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No as far as we know so far but still to early for most to have raiders, have your mt take the staff and only get applys the buff the bug is a result of mcs happening on the person using the staff as well as mcs being resisted as far as people can tell just having mt do the staff only for the group has fixed it for most people I have spoken to.

blizzard needs to fix this

We’ve been working on this for several weeks, and it turned out to be a particularly tricky bug, but we’re closing in on a fix.

Once we have the hotfix thoroughly tested, it will likely require realm restarts. And we’ll note it in our hotfixes update thereafter.

We’re almost there.


Thanks for the update Kaivax :kissing_heart:

Please address the issue of arena teams that were banned not being disqualified. Teams with banned players were disqualified on EU/US, but not on OCE.

It seems to be a clear mistake by Blizzard, but we’ve put in tickets, bug reports & made forum posts being completely ignored thus far.

Just give us some indication that it’s being looked into please.

(If any developer looked at this for more than a couple of minutes, they would see it’s a clear mistake by devs. It was done on EU/US, but they overlooked OCE.)


Once it’s fixed, will Blizzard be transparent in telling us what the issue was?

As someone who’s spent 10+ hours looking at logs trying to make a connection, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we’d love to know what was causing it.


It was a bug

You can just… Temporarily allow people to be able to taunt KT, like you can Vashj, and then when you zero in on a fix… Just revert it back or leave it… Either way. It solves the problem much faster.

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So they pushed the patch to live knowing about this bug, while also not saying anything, until now? Blizzard must be desperate to impress their executives during Q3/Q4 finance report


Dunno why they bother responding to us. Everybody uses it as a chance to shoot the messenger.


Let me preface this by saying that I know you are the messenger and not the developer.

In all my years of playing WoW, this bug made me want to quit more than anything else I’ve ever encountered. The content is decades old, the bug was reported on the PTR, and the team still released it unfixed. My guild spent hours before we killed Kael after planning around arbitrary threat drops. For most of this I was just incredibly frustrated knowing we weren’t wiping to the fight, but to your developer’s carelessness.

So here is my question: what is blizzard going to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again? If your own developers can’t bother to care about a game breaking bug in the final boss of a tier, why should I bother to continue playing this game?


Stop this which hunt.
They said they’re working to fix it shortly.

Move on guys.

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It’s a new bug in 15 year old game, and it was reported and ignored on the PTR, it’s absolutely inexcusable.

Keep on huffing those blizz farts


It is a new bug on a new game.
TBC classic isn’t OG TBC.
They had tons of work to adapt the old game metadata to the current game, I thought that by now people would’ve understand it already.

Plus, a thing that you might not know: throughout the expansions, several new bugs were introduced to old fights (due to game changes). Those are not perceptible, mostly, because players overpower the bosses from older raids.

So, it is perfectly reasonable to have new bugs introduced in the game.

Yes, it was reported on PTR. Would’ve you preferred them to have postponed the patch?
No one would say yes.

So, just chill. We’ll have a fix soon.

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Blizzard made zero new content. Re-releasing a game isn’t making a new game, it’s just purely the backend that needs work.


I didn’t dispute that.

They aren’t re-releasing the same game.

You have no idea about what it is.

not too bad for such a small indie company

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But you said they made a new game, and they didn’t. They added zero content.

They absolutely are. Minor changes and having to recreate the coding/backend doesn’t mean it’s a different game.

Of course I know what it is. They need just the coders and the people responsible for making things work. They don’t need designers, balancers, artists, sound designers, etc.

Just because you think they’re making a new game doesn’t mean they are.


I basically refuted what you said and pointed out how you are acting.

It is a friendly advice to not be like that.

edit: You know what? Forget what I said.
Please, continue with the derangement here, complaining endlessly for no reason other than just complain for the sake of complaining, even after they acknowledged the bug and they’re working on it.

you’re demonstrating being very mature and healthy mentally.

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