Kael'thas threat bug

I wonder how many people trying to dismiss those posting about this issue are actually fighting Kael’thas and actively having to deal with this bug.


dude you actually have no idea what you are talking about, Espuria is right on all accounts. You are so very wrong and probably should just stop posting all together because its pure nonsense what you are saying. And you made it personal which is just sad.


You didn’t refute a thing, and merely attacked me instead. A new game implies new content, especially to consumers. Not a re-released game to work on modern engines. That’s not how it works.

Warcraft Reforged isn’t a new game, nor is the Diablo 2 rerelease. If it was entirely remade from the ground up - you could argue it is, but there’d still be no new content and if there were any content added it would be on top of the original game. But not even the “new” Demon’s Souls is a new game.

It was in no way friendly.

I know better than you.

Yeah, fascism is beautiful. shutdown someone else’s voice because you disagree.

It only hurts if it is true.

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What logic is this? Insulting someone can cause hurt, even if it’s not true. What an immature and ignorant response.

Not once did you even remotely try and have a discussion. You just attacked me.


I didn’t insult. I just described your characteristics. If that is offensive to you, change who you are.

Someone on the internet insulted me and made claims about my character. I should take this to heart and completely change who I am to please a literal who.


or you could be proud of who you are

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yeah, sure! And Darkmoon cards are coming P2. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am, I’m also proud of being right in this case.

EDIT: Oh sup Tam.


People are here with pitchforks, demanding things like they’re entitled to a technical explanation they will never understand (although they act like pedants that fully believe they would actually understand anything).

Nobody’s asking for the full explanation. Those who expect no bugs are dumb, but those who expect Blizzard to fix them during PTR shouldn’t be called, “entitled”.


When you talk about the pedants, here they are defending themselves. I didn’t even had to point out.

Got any more insults or can you only recycle?

Why would I when you just insulted yourself:?

Nope. Explaining that people expecting some modicum of competency from the company that we’re paying money to are not entitled isn’t insulting myself.

I mean, are you even playing the game? Doing the content? Or do you just troll the forums?

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Whos expecting no bugs? Sure it sucks to have to deal with an end boss thats bugged but being rude to Kaivax won’t help at all.


Being rude to the messenger isn’t going to get anyone anywhere, no. He’s not related to the actual team responsible for fixing it.

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Yes I am, and I am quite happy they’re working on a hotfix for Kael, that I’m not here participating in this derangement against the only person that came to give us an update about a thing that have been bothering since last week.

Yeah. Instead being grateful they act like entitled kids on a which-hunt or inquisition.

I’m not participating in it either, but you seem keen on attacking me. It’s almost as if you’re as bad as the people you’re constantly mentioning.