Justice has to be done for Arms warrior Defensive stance

Agree to disagree, imo the dstance nerf ontop of the vers nerf was pretty huge for arms.


You’re right, just remove it.

5 months is a pretty long time, it’s an entire season.

As mentioned above, Fury warrior is now the dominating spec out of all classes. Nerfing D stance didn’t solve any thing.

you’re entitled to feel however you feel but it just factually is not the case that any meta classes besides rogue, hunter, and maybe ww and ele in s2 or s3 had a defensive kit less oriented around selfhealing than arms. the d stance nerf was the only reason that the patch that removed that bonus wasn’t an arms buff

I’m entitled to point out Blizzard’s tuning decision that is obviously non-sense, and proven to be useless (only forced warrior player base to shift to Fury which is still the dominating spec).

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I would trade for a slaughterhouse nerf in exchange for a def stance un-nerf.



Wouldn’t the better solution to that being to nerf Fury, as opposed to returning Arms to where it was when it had the same representation as Fury?

Like I said, I don’t want Warrior unplayable, I’m just not convinced that Arms isn’t still a viable DPS option if one were inclined to play it.

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i think if you just took fury out of the modern meta you’d stop seeing warriors playing anything except turbo for the most part, with the occasional ret war and even rarer tsg or wpx. i’d be fine with that but i don’t exclusively play war anymore so i’m differently biased

i think warrior players feel a real entitlement to competitive viability though. war, druid, lock, rogue, and mage have basically been the 5 classes guaranteed to be at least A tier every single season of the last 40 with only very recent exceptions in BFA and SL respectively. the problem with that is that war is the one of those 5 classes that is extremely replaceable in almost every single one of its comps by a LOT of other melee based on factors that mostly boil down to tuning, where the other 4 all tend to be good no matter how they’re tuned because they have utility that makes strong tuning less crucial.

every season, warrior being bad could threaten to replace them with ww, dh or dk in every single one of their comps besides turbo, imo because enh 2nd healer+arms sharpen/slaughterhouse has been too perfectly synergized to notice nerfs(also because ww is chronically underrepped)


DStance nerfs you if you pick it. Warrior even has a covenant that nerfs you if you pick it (Venthyr Condemn being a weaker version of Execute).

I get it that people cried about S1/9.0 Warrior, but nerfing every facet of the DStance/Condemn/DeathSentence build destroyed Arms.

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Arms isn’t destroyed, it’s still viable and strong even, it just feels really bad into certain things

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Warrior being nerfed is well deserved it still feels awful to face at time. It’s been awful to play against fury after two seasons of unkillable warriors

Sure let me use all my abilities as feral in bear form and ill let this slide.

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I feel like d stance could be changed to 30% damage reduce but also reduces damage done by 50%

Revert nerf but take away all S1 rewards

Who cares at this point. DF is just around the corner.

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I got crit for a 52k execute

Bring back stance dancing. Going into dstance requires sword and board, and can only do shield block and other tank stuff. Sure they can MS but it’s gotta be 1h wep.


Nerfing D actually did a lot. It moved Warriors away from playing the talent because it made no sense and made them a viable option to be killed, instead of just wandering around the arena completely lost but it not mattering because they could never die. Arms is still really good. The only reason you see so many people playing Fury is because they aren’t as easily kited and most people that play warrior don’t have a brain aren’t willing to use mobility properly so Fury makes up for that gap and again, slaughterhouse just wins game for them.

Fury isn’t good because D got nerfed. It’s good because slaughterhouse synergy with tier set makes the game play itself for them. Slaughterhouse is an absolute disgrace of a talent that ends games for warriors simply because they exist. Sharpen is obviously the same btton but poor or mistimed sharpens were way less impactful than well timed ones. There was also skillcap to re-applying mortal strike because the CD of the ability was shorter than the sharpen, so if you pressed MS off CD again after sharpen, you’d have a 5 second gap after sharpen falls with no MS at all. This was way healthier than slaugherhouse just happening for you, particularly with Reck uptime.

D stance is fine under one of two conditions: Like I previously stated where you just can’t press any meaningful damage globals (particularly your MS), so mortal strike falls and you do no damage,


It works much like feint, where you its a short like 30 second CD that last 6-7 seconds where you do way less damage but take less damage, so it can be a skill cap thing like pre-Ding stuns.

The reason D was stupid before was like the second you were off stun DR you just sit D until you get stunned again. There was no skill ceiling to the ablility. Most classes have to time things properly, pre feinting or pre walling, pre glimpsing stuns and there is a payoff there if you time things right, and if you time it wrong and players delay than you suffer the consequence of that decision. Just being able to press D stance and never leave it or not suffering any consequence for pressing the button at the wrong time is really really really unhealthly for the game.

Bad players played warriors for a long time, consistently making horrible positioning and defensive plays but getting away with it for absolutely no reason because of how overtuned ignore was paired with D. That’s gone now, and rightfully so.

Idk man I get that you’re frustrated with how it feels to play Arms and that you weren’t adequately compensated for the D nerf. Maybe you’re right, maybe they are missing something now, but D stance, in it’s iteration in Shadowlands was a complete disgrace and had no place in the game.

Using battle as an offensive Cooldown instead of D stance as a defensive one is all you really need to know about how stupid the ability was.

I like when i get deleted in 1 sec on my honor geared warrior feels good learned alot and it was privilege to play against them.