Justice has to be done for Arms warrior Defensive stance

This talent has been over-nerfed and overlooked for a long time. Any Arms Warrior can feel the stupidity of going into Defensive stance. Please give us something at least rational, e.g. :


Justice was done, they nerfed D stance.


D stance nerf honesty feels horrible


I’m sure it does. Fundamentally I’m having a hard time grasping the concept of a constant defensive ability that’s drawback was so insignificant that Warriors were just sitting in it while still out damaging other classes being good game design. Sincerely, I don’t want anyone’s class nerfed into being bad, but Christ was Arms terrible to deal with prior to the D stance nerf.


Yah I know arms was bonkers but now d stance feels like an absolutely terrible button to press, I wish they just nerfed ignore pain and parry conduit instead

A long time? Hello? They literally just nerfed it 5 months ago.

D stance is disgusting even if this nerf defies all logic against ever even using it.

Only world where D stance is a thing is if you just generate negative rage and can’t mortal strike or overpower in D. The fact that warriors sat in D the entire game only to use Battle as a pseudo offensive CD with avatar WB is gross. Just sharpening and MS paired with dampening auto winning the game for them while they are unkillable. Was incredibly stupid.

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Not being able to generate rage with auto attacks would actually be fine for a damage penalty in d stance, even if they made mortal strike require battle stance or beserker stance in df I’d be fine, just having the option to go into d stance and it being useful is what I want xd

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It’s 20% damage taken 10% damage dealt in the dragon flight talent calculator so you just have to wait an expansion.

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should be 10 to 10

I mean the trade off for being in D has to be that you do essentially no damage, whether thats no access to MS or just you don’t generate rage, which seems counter productive because you need rage to ignore pain.

The dragonflight calculator doesn’t represent the PvP adjustment. D stance on retail is 20% taken 10% dealt, but it’s nerfed in pvp.

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sadly its better to get bounding stride and just line everything, right now you gotta play arms like a assa rogue.
if you ask me,
id even come to a compromise, 20% dr taken and 30% dr dealt. i feel like 10% does nothing, esp in this one shot meta. just something so you can switch to soak damage, but if you’re going to make a go, you have to get out of it or suffer the consequence. i agree sitting it 24/7 was ridic, but now anytime you pop def stance you end up thinking “I should have ran fury”

Going forward ignore pain is on the prot tree in df so it isn’t going to be available for arms

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D stance nerf isnt what’s keeping you at low ratings.

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stop pressing it then
play bounding

problem is they nerfed dstance ontop of changing vers pvp trinket bonus so arms got double f’d by that


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D stance nerf isn’t what’s keeping you at below average ratings.

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fake dozer is so boring man, couldn’t you come up with some og content?


Firstly, D stance is a talent. Normally a talent would provide pure benefits, in D stance’s case it also comes with penalty. Some sort of penalty may be reasonable, but what doesn’t make sense is that the penalty (reduce damage deal by 20%) is twice of the benefit (reduce damage taken by 10%)

Secondly, if a player choose a bad talent for their playstyle if the player’s fault. If the talent itself is bad it’s Blizzard’s fault.

Thirdly, after the nerf done to D stance, Fury Warrior is now the number one most populated spec in arena. What problem has blizzard solved? Nothing. It’s only killing the long time fans of Arms Warrior.


this is the opposite of true
everybody lost the vers bonus at the same time and arms got less out of vers than almost every other spec in the game because the majority of its defensive kit isn’t healing


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this 100%. D stance nerf isn’t what’s holding you back from getting to above average ratings.

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