Just got beta and stress test

Apparently, it was an accident that we got in. I saw a blue post somewhere saying see ya tomorrow. :frowning: oh well. Felt good man for a couple of minutes lol.

so there is still a chance, pog

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That feeling when u think u finally got into beta bc it says beta and stress test and it’s just stress test. Don’t get me wrong I’m still pumped to be in it at all but I pray blizzard changes there mind and let’s those of us who got in to stay after.


Not too sure. I got my partner to check my launcher since I’m at work.

I think a week run of full beta should happen, idk maybe i did get it
And the fact it was an accident ppl got in it just never showed up in launcher. can only hope

Is the beta stress only for 2 hours tomorrow?

update: I got it
as I take a shot of bourbon
and sob in a corner


No it’s for a day but for that 2 hours it’s the only server that will be up

It’s odd that they aren’t at least sending emails out for the stress test. Would think they would want the highest possible participation rate. I was about to log for the day before I noticed I had it on mine.

Same thing here. Started April of 2005 and nothing as of yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something but if I don’t get it well that’s ok too! Good luck to you!!